Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin


No, no really….you don’t have to do that…


25 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Yup, so much gorgeousness in the morning, THAT makes my day perfect! Isn’t there Cath somewhere? Hasn’t someone mentioned the armpit hair lately on this page? Can we get into it again, because …. uhhmm – I so much like that pic, it’s perfect in any angle 😉 !

  2. More like “No, no REALLY… DON’T DO THAT!!!”

    And, totally the view I would have … from the floor… *thud*

  3. I remember actually making a little *meep* distressed noise the first time I saw this scene and him getting dressed! ;-( not my finest hour, but there you have it….

    • I completely understand…every time I see that man shirtless (or even rockin a suit) I gasp for air and say “OH GOD”.
      Two words that I’m sure AOL has heard many, many, many times before!! Over and over and over again!!

  4. Michelle has the best job in the world! She wakes up and says “Oh darn, I get to lay in bed with a half nude Alex O today.” I know they are actors, but lying in bed with someone of the opposite sex, looking like them, has to stir some feelings in the nether regions. It may not happen at the actual time of filming, but just thinking about lying in bed with him gets me hot. I see Cath’s arm behind him. Mine would be draped across his waist and my leg wrapped around his so he couldn’t make a move without me knowing it. I would love to snuggle up under his arm and lay my head on his hairy chest. My hands lightly grazing over his stomach and my fingers playfully circling down the thin line of soft hair just above his waistband.
    Buttercup, I am one of his armpit crazy fans. Something about him with his arms above his head…tied to the headboard…mmmm….I scare myself sometimes. 😉

    • What you’ve said about Michelle having the hottest job in the world, seriously, she has! And if I were her, I would screw up every scene to have it redone a hundred times 😉 ! I mean, what could possible get wrong shooting a scene like that, huh? I love your comment and I’m scaring myself too while reading it!

  5. Love this pic of Steve/Alex. We need more shirtless next season….been in short supply after ep4…none in fact..

  6. Seeing the picture I realize that’s been so long since we saw Steve shirtless. And I doubt that happens next week. We can only wait for season 4. Life sometimes is unfair! TY Ess.

  7. Does anyone else think it was Alex’s choice to not be shirtless as much this season? Maybe he wasn’t happy with his current physique? I myself, had no problem with his body at anytime this season! He has been working really hard on his body, so maybe we will see more of it next season. Just like we’ve seen him doing more of his own fighting BAMF scenes. Just a thought 🙂 I also think McG should get some new tattoos so the team will have something to make fun of like they did his hair.

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