H50 3.24 finale 20 sec preview #AlexOLoughlin #GracePark #ChristineLahti

Thanks to @mariajoaocunha for the heads up!

9 thoughts on “H50 3.24 finale 20 sec preview #AlexOLoughlin #GracePark #ChristineLahti

  1. I can’t, and I wouldn’t and I won’t think about 3.24, because it leaves us devastated for 4 months! But hopefully, we will have thoroughly decent discussion 😉 after the season finale and I look forward to having fun with you all !!!

  2. Girls, don’t forget to breathe before, during and after the episode. As usually we have to wait until first episode of the next season to find out what H50 brings to the characters and to us, because Mr. Lenkov loves to tease us, so we don’t need to think of the long summer hiatus yet. Only next week. TY Ess for sharing the promo.

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