Some yummy #AlexOLoughlin treats #justbecause

For my non-tweeting lovelies…. I want to make sure you see these.

Ok, and I might have wanted to see them again myself.


GQglasses2011 C-de_m

Thanks to @mymaximus for these treats ā¤

26 thoughts on “Some yummy #AlexOLoughlin treats #justbecause

  1. Unfff, this is seriously too beautiful to comment, so I dunno what Iā€™m trying to do here. Where was I? Aha, just wanted to say thank you for sharing!!

  2. Ess, you are the best friend that we could have on monday mornings! This is the best way to start the day and the week: watching these two gorgeous photos. Thank you.

  3. *Me scrolling from bottom to top on that first picture*

    “Yummy abs”
    “FCKNG {fingertwitch}!!!”
    “Lips yum”
    “The glasses gotta GO!”

  4. I love the nerd glasses! I’d seen the first pic before, but when I saw the second on twitter the other day, I’m glad nobody saw me, because my jaw dropped and unintelligible words escaped my mouth šŸ˜› I think he is even sexier in b&w! Love everything about the second pic…facial hair, scruff down his neck, exposed chest hair, perfect hair, lickable lips and his freaking, sends my panties in a spin, nose!!! Thanks for the extras on this H50 Monday, ESS!

  5. As much as I enjoy looking at the face, and I have no problem with the glasses, and love the hair, in that first all I see is *confused*. It looks like someone just asked him 2×2 and he is struggling for the answer or maybe a skunk just walked by and waved it’s tail at him. *ducks for cover* LOVE YOU FOR ALL YOUR POSTS THOUGH!!!!

    • CVC! its because he’s by the pool, on a lounge chair and he’s wondering WHY TF does he have on all those clothes!?!? I recognize that look because I had it while staring at that photo too…

      • Ah yes, I see it now, it’s the “why am I not in blue boardies” expression. He knows he should be doing us more of a favor than wearing a shirt AND pants AND glasses when just the GLASSES will do.

  6. YUMMY is right!! That second pic does me in. He looks so fckn delicious…with that sexy beard and neck and chest hair and mouth and…umm…CFM eyes. *SIGH* *THUD*

  7. The first pic is really cute, but the second one….OMG…*THUD* Thanks for all the lovely pics. You just make my day….

  8. Thank you ESS and My maximus as well for these two stunningly beautiful pictures of Alex. The first one does it for me, He looks like the Worlds hottest English Lit Professor . The one you want to act out every piece of Erotic lit you have ever read with!!!!!! S&T

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