A little Monday McRoll celebration #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

Why? Because they make me happy.




46 thoughts on “A little Monday McRoll celebration #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

    • You know as I was going through this season’s pics I had forgotten some of these precious gems as well. I had forgotten how awesome the Halloween episode was with the Chucky movie. Steve getting his game on and Cath totally not falling for it! 🙂

      • Yes, two great actors being very natural with each other and through it showing that they excel in their craft! Their playfullnes but also their serious moments have been a pleasure to watch!

  1. i could just watch this over and over. These moments are few and far between but when put together like you’ve done. it just shows how much they love each other .thanks its great

  2. This is wonderful – I love the couple! So very cute together that I sometimes think I wouldn’t be able to choose only one of them if I had the choice. Fortunately, I’m a multitasker. Thank you, Ess, for the post 🙂 !

  3. Nobody is perfect but they are perfect for each other! I hope that will have more McRoll moments to complete your celebration gifs. McRoll rocks!!! TY Ess.

  4. Omg, 3.01 McRoll and the “Rollerderby” McRoll and the “Shark” McRoll, so sad how our mind tends to forget! But thanks to ESS, we can enjoy again, and again, AND AGAIN!

  5. His expressions when he’s with her are so damn cute! McG’s posture, his ‘tude, his state of being just all relax with her and it’s fun to see, but also pretty awesome to contemplate that Alex can take his character there and make it seem so natural. McRoll totally works for me. 😀

  6. McG+Cath 4evah! I absolutely adore the Steve that we get when he is around her. More McRoll in season 4!!!

  7. Glad you all liked it! Was the first time I had done a gif like this. I need to tweak a few things but I think it came out well. 🙂 Helps that the content is so fun.

    • ESS Your gifs turned out VERY well and made an adorable and sexy collection of “McRoll” moments I love this and I love them together. “BIG HUGGY THANK YOU”

  8. McRoll4Ever!! I think new playful Steve is so sexy!! I agree with all of you who said they are so natural with each other. She puts him in his place and I think that spices up their chemistry. Too bad TPTB aren’t showing us enough on-screen lovin’.
    I love the Halloween episode! His face when she calls him on his lame dating moves is so precious! My panties get all tingly over the slut reference, his open mouth, and him climbing on top of her in those tight white pants!! Then he caresses her arm and leg…S&T TPD !!! His face and body language when Danny comes barging in, “clueless to the situation”… 😆 …Oh McG I love you!!!

    • One of my fav moments too, after the slut reference (about JennyFeldmann) his mouth drops open and I go like “bfffffff”, his face is so funny and humorous and sexy and omg, so frkn hot!

    • I had to stop reading at “open mouth”

      I’m pretty sure the rest of your comment was going to kill me

  9. I simply love these two together. They are a great couple, but also great as individuals. And that makes them so perfect. I hope we will see a lot more ‘action’ in season 4 than we saw in 3. If you know what I mean! LOL

  10. Great job! Thank you!! Love it..
    Still LOL at the ending of the Halloween episode. I was going thru my old DVD’s this past weekend and came across “The Notebook” I had another great laugh!! Never gonna watch that movie again without thinking of H50.
    I am still ticked that Doris came between them, that is one thing I will never like about her!
    Thanks again! 🙂

    • The halloween episode was actually Danny coming between them. lol. Doris was later in the season. She interrupted FoxHole Fantasy. The b/tch. 😉

      • Oh ESS, confused again.. I am mad about the foxhole bit too, but I am talking about Doris using Catherine to keep a secret from Steve, that Mangosa thing, that coming between I am talking about!!
        The foxhole thing was kinda cute, loved Steve’s re-action when Catherine said she had her camo in the car 🙂

  11. I do like the Mcroll but I think the episodes without the Mcroll are more like season 1 and I love these more. I must say I was confused to see so much love for Catherine as I have seen messages on other websites advising people to avoid this site because people dont like her. Glad to see they were wrong xx

    • WAIT..WHAT?????? People are saying THIS site doesn’t support Cath and to avoid us? Well that pisses me off!

      So glad you had a mind of your own and checked us out. Hopefully more will. I’m really, honestly quite shocked! They either have A) NEVER been here before B) confuse this site with another site or C) had a very recent concussion which if that;s true, all is forgiven and I hope they heal well. 🙂 lol.

      I’ve loved McRoll since S1 and have always supported Catherine. LOVE her and if everyone here doesn’t that’s ok…they know my posts are going to be supportive of her and if they’re ok with that, we’re all ok.

      As for your comment about S1, I get that. Personally, I had a lot of problems with S1 and almost stopped watching early on. I do like S1 but S3 is far and away my fave. Mostly because of the char growth for McG and a lot of that has been helped along by Catherine’s presence. No one else has to agree with that but that’s my opinion.

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