Fangirl Sunday – H50 Pic Spam episode 3.22

A little different type Pic Spam this week. I can’t find much humor in an episode filled with murdered children and child endangerment topped with a little police brutality. What we do have are some epic faaces and emotions which really, no words are necessary.

So what I’m offering today are just some of my favorite screencaps by themes and a few random gifs. Some I love and some I think you will love…for your own ‘reasons.

Click on the first pic and scroll through. Please feel free to share your comments as you go…

If you’d like a full size screencap of any of these used in the themes, you can normally find all my untagged HD screencaps at Alex O’Loughlin Fansite (

16 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – H50 Pic Spam episode 3.22

  1. I wanna take my time going thru this later today, but I will just say that the awesome walk -off shows how far PLenkov has come in finally starting to understand Alex’s power, verbal and NON-verbal, as an actor. Cuz we would never have gotten it prior to this season. How much did Alex convey, just in walking off like he did? He’s got something, man. So do you, ESS. Awesome picspam. Can’t wait to savor it!

    • “How much did Alex convey, just in walking off like he did? He’s got something, man.” – ACA!!! ACAxBL2I&B!!

      I agree it seems like they (the writers and Peter) have finally started to see the understated but still incredibly powerful acting Alex is capable of.

  2. Beautifully done ESS! You captured all the faces and the emotions perfectly! Ty!!

    Happy Mothers Day ladies!! Enjoy!

  3. Did you get a brilliant way to make Fangirl Sunday Pic Spam for this episode with a not easy story. I liked the separation of photographs by theme and i loved that you finished with the scene that I most liked in this episode. TY

  4. Thank you for your kind words everyone! I reallllllly struggled with this week’s episode and considered not doing one at all. I’m glad you enjoyed what I put together. Thanks again.. ❀

    • Someone doubted if I could make a fun, light post of this episode, because of the serious story, I told her that IΒ΄m pretty sure I know how to avoid the plot completely and make load of yummy gifs LOL (does it count as a talent? πŸ˜‰ )

  5. oh my god, world worst extra. lmao. between that and the girl behind alex checking his backside. no can’t fault the girl, but seriously subtle is not your strongest asset darling.

    loved the walking away. it was EPIC. that was one of thee best scenes i have seen in 3 years of watching this show!!!

    • For about 6 seconds, only emotionally serious McG walking toward us (at the otherside of the screen) fully (unfortunately πŸ˜‰ )dressed up (buzz cut, holster, kevlar, white pants, blue tee and no overshirt) who wouldn’t live that πŸ˜† !

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