Ext promo for H50 3.23 and a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of us with the perfect and NOT so perfect Moms :) #AlexOLoughlin #ChristineLahti

The new promo for H50 3.23 offers us a rare, lighthearted moment between Doris and Steve. Random…but light hearted. I kinda liked it.

Enjoy the promo and a Happy Mother’s Day to all of us with the perfect…..and not so perfect Mom’s.

We wouldn’t be here without them!

**click photo for preview

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24 thoughts on “Ext promo for H50 3.23 and a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of us with the perfect and NOT so perfect Moms :) #AlexOLoughlin #ChristineLahti

  1. This should be fun to see. Can’t wait for Monday night or in my case Tuesday at 3 am. Thanks for posting.

  2. LOL!! That’s so funny that I don’t even mind it being totally unrealistic in the given situation… LOVE. Thank you, Ess, for sharing, as always!

  3. Aren’t they just cute :)?
    Steve being a grumpy teenager first and then “How did you do that?” with that cute boyish face.

  4. Made a comment on someone’s facebook page about this clip. Must have rattled their cage. However I thought it was in context with the story as how weird Mom McG acts. Moving on Alex looking good in all black and loving that smile. Waiting for early hours tuesday morning to watch

    • I agree with you Rita! Mom acts very weird around Steve sometimes. Like she still wants him to be this young boy that she left behind but he isn’t and at times you catch glimpses of Steve wanting to be that young boy….like here. We only hate it because we know how her actions have hurt this family and most of all, our Steve…but really I think it’s an interesting thing when it happens.

      • Exactly how I see it. She has missed him growing up and wants to capture those years and Steve must have missed her too. Can’t wait to see what she is hiding

        • Didn’t she fake her death when he was about 16 years old? So she did miss his teenage-time but she was there when he was a kid, so she has to come up with a little bit more than magic card tricks πŸ˜‰ ! (Maybe I’m wrong!) She could pull her magic stuff with Mary!

          • I’m mean he’s Dad did a great job to raise Steve and Mary (or the Navy?) I mean Steve’s a responsible-minded, never overdoing, very handsome and very well shaped hot-kinda-guy (well, that wasn’t Dad’s credit!) πŸ˜† Now, I’m getting to serious πŸ˜‰ it’s tv after all!

  5. “You’re never too old for magic!”, seriously, she’s kidding me with her “magic blow” trick! One might not love “mom” (I’m kinda flip-flopping there πŸ™‚ ) but she knows how to rock a scene with Steve! Steve’s faces are priceless, every one of them!

    • Thanks ESS, and btw, I came across “cheetos” while reading one of Nicholas Sparks novels, they where eating steaks and the only thing other to eat was a package of cheetos they’ve found in the kitchen cabinet! (Hahah, I had such a great laugh πŸ˜† !!!) As I said before, I’ve been learning for life here, thanks!

  6. Did not expected that the ninjas McGarrett had a moment of fun in the middle of a mission. The face and expressions of Steve are priceless. TY Ess.

    Happy mother’s day for all.

  7. Doris can do all the magic tricks she wants if they make Steve smile like that. And awwww did she do manic tricks for the kids when they were little? Before she faked her own death and left them? See subconsciously I still remembered that. πŸ˜‰

  8. Another Great ep, Action. fun and pain. I feel sorry for Kono but I’m sure that she will be OK but we must wait for next season,

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