Kevlar Saturday #AlexOloughlin #GracePark #H50

Ahhh… back to the simpler Season One Kevlar…..




16 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday #AlexOloughlin #GracePark #H50

  1. Thank you! Thank you so much – this is the only thing getting me through work today!!!! So much pretty…. sigh…..

  2. Ahh, one of my favourite scenes (don’t we always say that 😉 )
    Teary-eyed McG, season 1 kevlar, gun-breasted, ultimate vein-porn, nice hair and face, what do we crave more? I love that scene very much, his face (and also Kono’s) showed so much emotions, such much pain for the gruesomely treated people! Such a powerful scene, and very well done ( I keep repeating myself 😉 ) ! OMG I’m so in love with his emotional face! Thanks, today I had enough words 😉 !

    • I love them together too, they have great chemistry and the scenes’s always rock when they try to catch the bad guys! I love it when she says “Boss”! I’d like to call him *boss* too 😉 !

  3. Season 1 Steve is like a boyfriend in a new hot passionate relationship where you want to f*ck like bunnies! Then season 2 Steve is more of the get to know you, fall in love with, share his pain and triumph over it, kinda guy. Then there’s season 3 Steve, that I personally love the best! He is romantic, goofy, sexy, beefy, gorgeous,great with kids, emotional, and still a BAMF when is needed. The sex is spontaneous (fox hole fantasy) and the making out and cuddling on the couch (ok, Danny got the best of it) is fantastic! Yeah, he has a few family issues, but I would take him with all his flaws, in a second! (Hmmm…maybe this is why I have some unsuccessful relationships in the past??) 😆

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