More Editing pics from #H50 s3 finale #AlexOLoughlin #ChristineLahti **spoilerish**

Peter tweeted these pics for us yesterday…

peter editing-001

peter editing2

peter editing3


10 thoughts on “More Editing pics from #H50 s3 finale #AlexOLoughlin #ChristineLahti **spoilerish**

  1. The 2 last pics could be the end of the season pics! I hate cliffhangers, I seriously have problems ’cause they rob my sleep for days after the season finale 😉 Nevertheless, I love *THE HAIR* verymuchverymuch VERY much! And I love the cargos (maybe grey?) and I surely hope that tee is green!

  2. Is that Wo Fat in #2?? Wow he healed fast! The family that ninjas together, sticks together (tho hope not in this case – momma’s baaaaddd news…)

  3. It looks like a little Ninja smart-assery going on in that first one. Love it! 😀
    The last two, dun dun DUUUNNNN! I get a sense of foreboding. Not sure I’m gonna like that scene. Hopefully I-don’t-like-it in a good way. 😉

  4. I totally think that the last 2 are the final scenes.. which… DON’T SHOW ME THESE!!! LOL. Its bad enough that it is going to be a cliff hanger, I don’t want to pre-stress over it too! LOL.

    • ^^ Don’t even mention it, maybe the placement of these scenes is not decided yet, so let’s not give TPTB any ideas. * wishful thinking * I would hate it to be the last scenes, I’m very bad at coping with cliff-hangers and related tension 😦

  5. Because I think of these things… I wonder if they built this jail set in the parking garage somewhere. That’s a lot of concrete….

  6. Looking for the first picture, next monday episode, i think we will have a wonderful moment between mother and son in a McGarrett’s style. I hope that these two amazing actors can shine in these action episode.

    Honestly do not want to think too much in the last episode and the long summer we will have to go before watch the first episode of the fourth season.

  7. I can’t believe I am going to be away and miss this by a week. Why is my friend getting married that week! Why?!

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