. @EganInoue shares a “double training day” picture of #AlexOLouglin and co

“Double training days for Alex. This was the first group of double training today.”

I don’t really know what that means, but it looks like it’s working well, if I do say so myself.

Carry on….

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48 thoughts on “. @EganInoue shares a “double training day” picture of #AlexOLouglin and co

  1. He must have heard me when I asked in an earlier post, to see his newly defined abs πŸ™‚ I guess I should ask to see the FWA in its’ entirety now. PLEASE πŸ˜› I am totally out of breath and suddenly have a craving for a salty snack!! Love the trunks!

  2. The ‘Holy Shit’ tag is so appropriate! Now I know what is going to get me through a THREE hour teleconference this morning! It’s ok to spend the time McPervin’ if they can’t see me, right?

  3. Thank you, thank you,thank you Egan and Alex for allowing these pics. And ESS for putting them up here. Sigh.

    I LOVE the boardies. I really love it that he runs around in such colorful clothing. It’s fun to see him like this. And these are SO much better than the last ones. LOL These are just GREAT.

    On a sad note, I loved the cute little baby weight he had put on. Abs are great, but the baby fat was better. More Alex to handle, you know. LOL

    • ACA on Egan and Alex allowing these pics and the videos he shares. Shows he’s a good sport. πŸ˜‰

      I also love the shorts and that he wears color! Woot!!

      I’m not normally a girl who loves a guy with a six pack… But I ❀❀❀ it on Alex. It just seems to be a part of who he “is”….if that makes any sense. Lol!!

      • And no cheetos-dust on the tattoos, perfect skin color and, omg, his neck, shoulders and back muscles are so frkn hot! (Uahhh I wanna be Lori and put my arms around those muscles while he’s carrying me to anywhere he wants, as far as he can πŸ˜‰ !)

  4. What a sight first thing in the morning. Oh please let Egan be kind to us during the long hiatus, and keep posting fit shirtless Alex. And please could he start taking them with a better camera!

  5. True story..

    I copied (ctrl C) the above picture so that I can share it with my colleague and paste it into an email. Later… i was working on a presentation and my boss was standing over me. I had to copy paste something into the presentation and what did I paste INTO my presentation (while boss standing over me…) yes. This picture !!!! I didn’t look at him but later I could still see in his eyes that he is totally wondering?!?!

    • πŸ˜† This made my day! Thank you for sharing. I think a lot of us have had these embarressing Alex’ fangirl moments ….and others wondering about our sanity! πŸ™‚

    • LOL!! You had that happen to you too eh!! Yep, mine was with Richard Dean Anderson and few years ago, when I worked in an office!!

    • I too have an embarrassing moment at work involving our lovely Alex! I always had my iPad playing my favorite music as the picture frame scanned through my over 1000 pics of Alex. I had recorded “the chair scene” onto my iPad camera roll (first mistake) and one day when my boss was in for a visit, the video popped up, the music stopped, and I have never moved so fast in my life to shut it off before everyone saw Alex naked and “getting busy” on a chair! OMG! 😯 I have since been very careful to not include video in my picture frame. I also had to remove my pics of TOF dock scene. 😳

      • Lurxgirl and Desert Bunny–thanks for the stories, sorry they happened. I’ve always been paranoid about something like this happening at work–I’m constantly hitting the “minimize screen” button–not sure how I would explain to my boss because he’d kid me about it forever AND probably mention it to my notMcG next time he saw him. Yikes! FUCUPS, be careful out there!

      • Yes, Desert Bunny and Lurxgirl, thx for sharing your let’s call it cautionary stories and sorry for you, though I’m glad to have none to share and dread the awkward moment when something like this happens to me as well. As it is bound to happen.

      • lurxgirl! OMG!! THAT is scary! LOL!! I have probably 10,000 pics of Alex on my comp…i shit you not (screencaps mostly) and I live in fear that one day my Not McG is going to figure out how to hunt for a photo. in 20 yrs he’s never done it or wanted to, hell he hates to even touch the computer……..but there’s always that first time! lol!

        • I hope you have them saved, and not just on an external hard drive, my 25,000 + pics of RDA are on several disks x 2 and in Windows Live account!
          P.S when at last convention, friend borrowed my phone, and then gave it back to me, I stood in line for my autograph from RDA, and what started playing was the MacGyver theme song. my friend was calling me.. RDA looked at me and smiled, I just turned red!! So I know about embarrassing moments!

        • I probably have 5,000 or so of pics and caps on my computer and Ipad. I know I should maybe get rid of some, but I just can’t. I did delete a lot of his late season 2 pics because they make me so sad 😦 I need to burn them on some disks so I don’t lose them. My kids think I am just crazy and my 16 year old son jokes about my screen saver pics all the time. My daughter saw the FEED @ss pic once and said “Mom, that is not appropriate for me to see.” (while shaking her head like she was my mother who just caught me with porn.) πŸ™‚

  6. OMG DesertBunny!! That is hilarious!! Let him keep wondering! I have the April camo Steve calendar as my screensaver at work and my boss is cool about it he just smiles and shakes his head! Oh Lurxgirl I see it too!! I’m glad my superexpensive eyeglasses have finally proven their worth!! ESS – thank you so much for finding and posting this. What a way make an ugly, rainy, humid Thursday better. I say we chip in and buy Egan a new camera – hell I volunteer to buy it and go and take pics myself!! Alex is definitely a FWA!!

  7. He looks like he’s about ready to bust out laughing. He does not take himself too seriously. Also, awesome shoulders these days. Whew!

  8. I love this picture! That is one hot man! Thanks again for providing us with such wonderful eye candy. I really enjoyed DesertBunny’s story. I have 2 pictures of Alex on my bulletin board at work. It makes me smile.

  9. Saw this pic first thing this morning 6am UK time. All that came out of my mouth was WOW!!!! Have had this pic in my mind all day. Now sitting safely on the sofa and drooling. Alex is one gorgeous man and yes those shoulders……!!!

  10. Thanks Ladies – I’m happy to entertain haha

    Did I forget to mention that to make things super awkward, I live in a Middle Eastern country and my boss is a 60 year old male!?

    Imagine his reaction at the four guys sweating – some of them shirtless – picture!!!

    If he ever wondered what my type is, now he KNOWS! lol

  11. Thx a lot to everyone concerned for sharing!! The pic is funny and s.xy at once: as GNP says, β€œlooks like he’s about ready to bust out laughing”; but it’s one of the few pics where I don’t look at the face really. What a *surprising* thing to say.

  12. We all know that workout is good for our health, but i never thought that is so good to our eyes. Looking to shirtless Alex, his abs, arms and shoulders not forgetting to approve his colored trunks, i trained my eyes. The good is that we never get tired to exercise our eyes like this way. Thanks Egan for sharing again Alex trainings and keep doing it because we love it!

  13. I knew, as soon as I saw the topless pic of Alex, the your comments are going to crack me up, and man, I wasn’t disappointed, you ladies perving over shirtlessness, priceless! That’s what we all needed, shirtless Alex πŸ˜‰ ! So now, we know for sure, that he’s got the perfect BODY (OMcG is it really possible, *I can’t breath* HELP ) and SMILE to make every woman (at least on this blog) to go out of her mind πŸ˜† !

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