Topless Tuesday #AlexOloughlin #H50

It looks like even the fish can’t resist a shirtless Steve….


8 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOloughlin #H50

  1. You are a really good friend Kim! This gif is great and the best way to start the day by watching shirtless Steve/Alex. TY

  2. Season 1 body/hair was pure perfection! And that free-from-worry smile, gorgeous, just frkn gorgeous! Thanks for this post, I just love the bare-chested-tuesdaysn 😀 !

  3. MCPERV ALERT!! He is so freaking hot in those blue boardies!! Bare chest, abs, hairy legs and his feet ….YUMMM
    If I were a fish I would want to be “speared” and “eaten” by McHottie too!!! 😛 I warned you! 😛

  4. He already had that broad-legged swagger walking part figured out very well 😉 We can see it again when he leaves the hospital in 3.21! That walking part does things to my mind, I can properly express in a foreign language 😉 !!

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