New pic from James Taylor concert #AlexOLoughlin #MaliaJones #DanielDaeKim

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DDK with wife Mia, James Taylor, Alex and Malia

I’ll go ahead and say it because the rumors are already out there….Malia definitely looks like she could be pregnant again.

I say, good for them! they look happy and she looks beautiful. Β Feel free to comment but I ask that you be respectful.

We don’t even know if it’s true….

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  1. Good for her!! I didn’t get my libido back for at least a year after my son’s birth. I’m not married to Alex tho lol

  2. Nah I just think its her shirt:) wish they would both smile big they both have beautiful smiles

  3. Or, is she just being a normal human being and taking a while to drop the baby weight? Wasn’t Lion just born in November? That’s six months. She has three kids at home, two under 4…. I was *not* into massive workouts at that point, and I only have one! Just a thought.

    • She did a photoshoot in Jan and she was pretty small… Smaller than this looks so either it’s a bad angle, she’s pregnant OR she had a really big dinner. πŸ˜‰ lol!

      For the record, i”m not trying to start or promote any rumors. They’re already there. Just want everyone here to know it’s ok to talk about it here as long as they’re respectful to Alex and Malia. (which you guys normally are…THANK YOU!) If she’s not pregnant, cool…if she is, what’s done is done so the only thing to do is celebrate!

  4. Her tummy does look rounder. Oh boy, does this mean Alex will get even less sleep. Sleep and rest is important. Who like babies that much?

  5. I thought it was me but I see I’m not the only one to think she can be pregnant. If it’s true I will stay happy for them πŸ™‚

  6. I have 15 great nieces and nephews. My philosphy is the more the merrier!! If it’s true – hope it’s a girl this time!

  7. I think it’s a bit soon, but as long as Alex is happy and he stays healthy, we should be happy for them. Right? It’s ok to be a teensy weensy jealous right? *sigh*

  8. It’s difficult to say, but it’s possible.
    Maybe Alex will make an announcement (if there is any announcement to be made) on the Ellen show?
    We can just wait and see πŸ™‚

  9. If it’s true I wish them all the best. If it’s not true I wish them all the best. They look so happy together and that is nice to see. So happy that Alex is in a good place in his life. Thank you Ess for giving us a place to chat. So much respect for you and your wonderful site.

  10. Well, that would be a surprise, I mean if did they even wait, I mean, just wondering. But whatever the case, they look happy and that is all that matters.

    But personally I think she just didn’t lose the baby weight yet. Haven’t seen any photo shoots. Where is the prood ESS? LOL

  11. I had heard the rumors and this pic does look in sync w/ them. But angles can be deceiving for sure. As all have said, she’s gorgeous and they both look happy, so all’s right in their world. I wish them both their heart’s desire… tho it seems maybe they both already have it. *happy sigh*

    I love it here because you respectfully ask for respect, but we all also know you WILL be sure he gets it. It’s safe here, for him and us. *more happy sighing*

    • ” I wish them both their heart’s desire… tho it seems maybe they both already have it. *happy sigh*” – <<—this just makes me smile. What a beautiful sentiment. ❀

      "I love it here because you respectfully ask for respect, but we all also know you WILL be sure he gets it. It’s safe here, for him and us. *more happy sighing*" – YES. πŸ˜‰

  12. Hopefully it’s a bad angle because she looks at least 4 months along, and that would be really hard to fathom. The power of the FOY?

    • I cannot dispute the power of The FOY. But I do know that one of my BFF’s is 10 months and 2 days younger than her sister. πŸ˜‰

      it happens…

      • Yeah, a woman is cleared to “resume activities” around 6 weeks….If it were me, I would have had a countdown calendar in the bedroom. πŸ™‚ The baby will be beautiful for sure!!

  13. If she is I really hope it’s a girl and maybe hopefully they’ll confirm something πŸ˜‰

  14. I love seeing pictures of Alex and Malia together. They seem so happy. I can’t really tell if she’s pregnant. It could be just a bad angle. Either way, I wish them the best because he seems really happy right now and that makes me happy.

  15. Wow! I guess I was right when I asked if this rumor was true. Only one thing I don’t like about this picture, the fur around her neck. Someone please tell me an innocent animal did not give their life for it

  16. It does look as if Alex and Malia are expecting an “Irish twin” For those of you not familiar with that expression It means Sibling born within a year of each other. It happened a LOT in Ireland!!! No helmets on THOSE soldiers!! They look thrilled and i wish them the best. it would be especially lovely If they are blessed with a little girl.

  17. Thanks for the link to the pictures of Malia. She’s almost as beautiful as Alex LOL! They are such a gorgeous couple. Their kid (s) must be so cute!

    • She is beautiful. Striking…very strong looking just like her mother. Will be interesting to see who’s genes are stronger, hers or Alex’s. Either way I bet they are/will be beautiful in their own way…and very loved. ❀

      • I’m sorry i usually don’t comment about private life but i’m curious about what you write “…very strong looking just like her mother”. Malia’s mother is someone known/famous? If you do not want to answer here you can send me by email? Thank you.

        • Malia’s mom was very well known in HI and I believe around the country in the running community. She was an ultra-marathon runner until her health declined due to ALS. (I think it was ALS… I don’t have the links handy right now.) She passed away maybe 2 yrs ago? I’ve read a couple articles on her…interesting woman and quite inspirational in her struggle with ALS.

  18. Wow! I must be blind cuz I was too busy looking at that weird wicked looking thing that is Alex’s wig she had around her neck to pay attention to the rest of the pic. πŸ™‚ The rumor could be true. Beautiful looking couple, and I’m happy for them either way. By the way, do you all remember a pic from last year when Alex and Malia attended some school fundraiser? Malia wore a loose black top in that pic and well, this one reminds me of that shot.
    Thanks Ess for posting Malia’s photoshoot.

    • I do remember that photo and yes, they had the same happy faces and glow they have in this one. πŸ™‚ Except Alex was rocking the heavy scruff by then. Rawrrrr!!

  19. If its true they dont waste any time they havent been together 2 yrs yet. All the love in the world to their beautiful family. I wish they would release a picture of baby lion xxx

  20. from my twitter pal that said they were expecting, has also said she got pregnant in January so she would be 4 months. so the babies will be less than a year apart. maybe he’ll announce it on “Ellen” or maybe more pictures will come out from their trip to LA

  21. When they are ready they will tell us i’m sure. I would just like to say how nice it us to have somewhere to talk to like minded people who love Alex without people thinking I’m going through a midlife crisis when I’m just admiring the perfect specimen that is Alex O’loughlin β™₯β™₯

    • you are most certainly welcome here jeanniemac! The midlife crisis may be debatable for some of us… but we are all free to admire the perfect specimen that is the O’Loughlin here without judgement.. πŸ˜‰

      Glad you found us and welcome! ❀

    • yeah but isn’t she still married to Spike’s dad? I wonder what he thinks of her having (maybe) 2 babies with another man?

      • She hasn’t been with Luke in over 4 yrs, I’m sure their divorce in final. He publically moved on with his life the day he walked out on his pregnant wife for another woman. What he thinks of the situation is irrelevant IMHO.

  22. Ok, we got to see Lion on the Ellen show and he is adorable. I think he looks more like Spike than anyone else. But, is Malia pregnant?

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