I know it’s not THT but I couldn’t resist #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

This scene was so powerful. Mare Winningham is a remarkable actress and she and Alex were so great in this scene.

Of course that really has nothing to do with THIS…

but it sounds good, right? 😉




26 thoughts on “I know it’s not THT but I couldn’t resist #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Love that you felt the need to justify this, as if your merry, (not so) little band of BAMFers wouldn’t follow wherever you lead!! Xx looking forward to this ep? 3.18 last night – not a classic – but an AOL fix is never to ignored 🙂

      • Didn’t hate it, but it won’t be the one I watch first when the DVDs get delivered!! I have a sneaky feeling that will be 3.20 and I haven’t even seen it yet!!! Xx

  2. This scene has it all! The new hair, kevlar, thigh holster, white pants, the nekkid trigger finger, that sweet little smirky smile. DAT FACE! Our love for Alex needs no explaining! S&T!!

  3. I loved this episode. I even like Steve’s haircut. But I don’t like the fact that they colored his hair. It looked fake just like John Travolta’s hair or should I say wig. I know Steve’s is not a wig,but I thought he looked good with the touch of gray on the side. Guys always look good with a touch of gray. Can’t wait for next weeks episode. Only 2 more. Sad.

    • Wait, did you just compare Alex’s hair to John Travolta’s wig? LMAO!!! I may never be able to forgive you for putting that image in my head! lol!! But I’ll try… 😉

      • I agree with Nancy, not on the JT part, but the hair coloring. What is wrong with guys, Silver is okay, Silver is good! Silver is nice!! I loved Alex’s hair in the Christmas episode, helping that boy with Catherine. That was great hair color. But to start coloring it now, in season 1 he had the silver, in season 2 he has the silver but in Season 3.. no silver.. Um what happened to timelines and continuity??

  4. I love the comments you ladies make. They always make me laugh. Today’s best is the “nekkid trigger finger” from Karen. I agree with Nancy. I loved the touch of gray, too. He’s still GORGEOUS, and his voice ~sigh~

  5. Thigh holsters aside (AS IF I COULD IGNORE THEM) This scene…. hit me in all the right places. It was so well acted by both Mare Winningham(awesome actress) and Alex (well – obvi) that I was floored. The subtlety of both of their acting styles blew me away.

    • “The subtlety of both of their acting styles blew me away.” – YES! Both of them commanded that scene in a completely understated yet powerful way. You just bought it. Paid for it in CASH and bought it!

  6. Ok, looking at this with fresh eyes (i.e, eyes that have slept…) I don’t even want to talk about what he’s doing with his fingers. (really, I DO). Unff.

    • It’s almost as if he’s doing it on purpose. He has said he’s a very attentive lover. 🙂 I choose to believe he knows what that sexy nekkid trigger finger does to us…(makes us drop to our knees in a puddle of our drool)…GUH! He’s playing with us…and I LIKE IT! 😆

  7. What’s funny about your header is the fact that today is indeed THT – Thigh Holster TUESDAY sounds pretty good to me 🙂
    I’m sure all the fans on here agree that we don’t mind getting two THT posts each week 🙂 – at least as long as THT doesn’t replace TT (Topless Tuesday).

    • I would LOVE to do more than one THT post a week!! The only problem is getting good, quality thigh holster material. 😦 In s1 he only wore them twice I think so that only leaves S2 and S3. S2 he mostly wore black cargos which HIDE the thigh holsters and usually he’s running so that is hard to make a screencap! lol. Finally now making my way through and creating some gifs. That’s helped. Otherwise it was going to be a long summer…lol.

  8. I finally watched the episode and yes this scene was powerful and beautiful acted. But if you only focus on the gif, i have to subscribe Karen’s comment. Alex’s looks and performance were awesome. Now i’m anxious for the Fangirl Sunday Pic Spam because despite this episode has a moving story, gave us Alex’s great scenes. TY

  9. You really don’t need an excuse for something like this. You can give it to us every day of the week. 🙂

    Love it, thank you.

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