New promo: H50 3.22 from CBSPressExpress #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #DonSwayze

New promo for tonights episode. Not sure if it’s viewable internationally or not. Sorry, this is the only version I’ve seen.

PROMO H50 3.22

Click on the photo to view the promo!

Click on the photo to view the promo!

15 thoughts on “New promo: H50 3.22 from CBSPressExpress #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #DonSwayze

  1. This video will only work in regions where CBS online works. But we for whom it doesn’t work can very well wait for the epi proper, it’s not so long now…

    BTW, Ess, your tag “Really this again” intrigues me. Don’t even try to suggest that there’s something wrong with this epi 😦 At least I hope not as seriously wrong as the with the last Bad Hair Day instalment…

    • “BTW, Ess, your tag β€œReally this again” intrigues me” – let me try to explain… One of my FAVE TV shows for 13years has been Law and Order:SVU. It’s the show I judge all others in this genre against. In 13 yrs I’ve seen every kidnapping and use of children in a drama series there could be. There have been some truly EXCEPTIONAL episodes with kids.

      I don’t like the way H50 uses children for the most part. I really don’t care for it when they use children to increase the emo quotient because they tend to overdo it IMO. The only 2 times I really liked the way they used a kid is in 3.07 (I think) when the young computer whiz kid was killed (it was VERY unexpected and added something different to show) and of course Lucy in 3.10 because she may have been kidnapped but she was NO victim. I think they colored outside the lines in those 2 eps and I LOVED it. All the others…I’ve been there and done it. Seen it. So it takes something more unique than what H50 is gonna give on that front to impress me. That said….this episode could really surprise me. I hope it does! Even if it doesn’t, I will find other stuff I love about the episode, I’m sure.

      • Oh, I see now, thank you a lot for the explanation!! I’m such a nagging person who not only reads the tags but also wonders about them… I’m not over happy with child abduction/abuse episodes either, but this particular epi promises to be very unique indeed…

      • You are certainly right about 3.07 and 3.10, totally agree. The other stuff I’m not that critical about it, but agree they could be a little more original about it.

        My problem with the kids stuff lies somewhere else. I really can’t stand it that they make Danny the one who relates to the cases with kids. I think it’s offending for the others that he is always the one who emphazises with the parents or the kids. Hello! You don’t have to be a parent to feel for the parents. They make it look like the others can’t feel for them. That always drives me up the wall, and I truly hope this time it will not be the case. But I’m fairly sure I will get dissapointed. πŸ˜‰

        That is what I took out of your tag ‘Really this again’, Danny the one losing it because he is a father. Urgh.

  2. I can watch the preview on “” (CBS)! There the promos always work for switzerland, maybe for other european countries too! πŸ˜€ BTW is this the blue-interogation-room-scene we’re talking about (where McG’s just standing there, staggering back and forth while looking frkn hot?)

    • Actually he is not staggering, he’s stamping with his nice tights πŸ˜† ! It looks really funny!

      • And again, it’s not tights πŸ˜† (jeez, I’m jittery!) it’s his thighs (I should know that word by heart!!! We use it a lot πŸ˜‰ )

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