Moonlight Monday #AlexOloughlin

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, today is Hangover de Mayo.

If any of you celebrated like I did, you understand how I felt this morning, getting up and getting ready for work.

Kinda like this:




11 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday #AlexOloughlin

  1. Kim, I thought you meant to kill me by fright when ^^ THIS ^^ popped in my mail, but strangely, I now find the distorted face funny šŸ™‚ Of course, Iā€™m not talking about your distorted face and I wish you full recovery.

  2. I don’t even need the alcohol to feel like that most days – I just don’t do mornings!! Feel better Kim!! Xxx

    • ^^Me too! Thinking about all the lewd acts he said he can perform with those fangs! *shudder* The hollow of his neck looks so tasty! *slurp*

  3. It’s about the 10th time I nearly got a heart attack while switching to your page! His face looks pretty fierce! Is that after Joseph made him a vampire again?

  4. Had this been the first pic from Moonlight I’d ever seen (luckily it wasn’t!) I never had bothered to see the show (me and vampires = big ‘equals not’ – but that was back then). Now it’s one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite shows – THANKS šŸ™‚

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