Summer hiatus looks good on #AlexOLoughlin #EganInoue

For my non-tweeting friends…. looks like Alex attended a 1st birthday party for Egan’s son Jett this past Saturday, May 4th.  Below are a few pics found on Instagram and their credits.

@nellehh12 Instagram

@nellehh12 Instagram

@timefortee Instagram

@timefortee Instagram

14 thoughts on “Summer hiatus looks good on #AlexOLoughlin #EganInoue

  1. LOL!! I like the colors on the boardies. Coming from a beach town, I’m used to seeing all types. He should have just left off the shirt. 😉

  2. That looks like a really nice party. Love how he keeps it real.

    By the way I urge all of you to follow Egan’s training programme, it’s really excellent – I’m doing it for a month now and I cannot begin to tell you the difference in my cardio fitness!

  3. Thx for posting, Ess! I swear the only reason why I’m now imagining the subject of the pic nekkid (NOT the girl) is cause I really hate the candy bordies and the ridiculous hat. Guess I’m a timid dresser.

    • I’m with you–hate the hat (don’t like hats at all, even in the c-c-c-cold winter).

  4. Does anyone think the lady on Alex’s right looks a liittle like him? Could it be his sister?

  5. Thank you for remember us!
    I hope Alex full enjoy the summer vacations and chill out with his family and friends and recover all the energy to give us an extraordinary season 4.

  6. I’m with you Marta. He was looking tired at the end of the season. Was the family with him at this party? As always, thanks for the pictures.

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