More awesome bts pics of #AlexOLoughlin and #WillYunLee on H50 by @airjef

For my non-tweeting friends, just sharing some goodies that Jeff Cadiente (stunt coordinator and director) has shared with us the past few days. He takes such good care of the actors….and us. 🙂

s1 airjef

From Season1. #H50 #bts AOL loves sexting right up until they call action 😛

s1 airjef_3

@WillYunLee1 miss the mullet Will? Me either 😛 From season 1. #h50 #h50stunts #bts

s1 airjef_2

From episode1 of season1. Seems like a long time ago! #fbf #h50 #h50stunts

5 thoughts on “More awesome bts pics of #AlexOLoughlin and #WillYunLee on H50 by @airjef

  1. Two weird remarks: #1 is my special favourite as it brings in mind the gas mask drills I was subjected to as a schoolkid (no, it wasn’t during the WWII); and #2 wow, LOVE Sang Min and his mullets!! Thx for sharing!!

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