#AlexOLoughlin to appear on #EllenDeGeneres Show May 17th #H50

MAJOR BIG THANKS to @cbrill2012 for spotting Alex on the list of guests for The Ellen Degeneres show for

May 17th.

For those that may not have seen it, or it’s just been awhile, here is Alex’s last appearance on the show thanks to AOLRocks youtube channel.


19 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin to appear on #EllenDeGeneres Show May 17th #H50

  1. Whoo hoo!! Writing this down on calendar!! Thanks for the heads up!! 😀 😀 I agree with rita *Happy Dance time*

    • That’s bad, fans should be allowed to be there! What did she think that they would jump on him from the audience?

      • The whole audience was selected BEFORE any of Alex’s fans even knew he would be on the show “Closed set’ was the only way I can explain it. I like Ellen She is warm, Funny and lovely but I just don;t think she was as nice as she could have been to him on the last show. I am VERY interested to see how this appearance goes.!!!

  2. Might be a silly question but living in the UK i don’t know much about US TV times 🙂
    At what time of the day does the Ellen show air?
    Thank you

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