ThrowBack Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #MichaelMuller

While I love seeing Alex all laid back, in a ball cap, shorts and a plaid shirt….

I would be a LLWL’s if I said I didn’t miss seeing him dress up to the nines!


Alex at a 2009 Michael Muller Watch Expo



22 thoughts on “ThrowBack Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #MichaelMuller

  1. I have no intelligent comment on ^^ THIS ^^. Except thank you, and also, I’m thinking I need to get safety straps for my chair. I tend to get dizzy when presented with particular visual stimuli.

  2. Why has no designer signed him up for a model/endorsement deal? Why??? He belongs in print and on billboards in worldwide distribution! And isn’t it ironic that a man who looks sooo sexy naked also makes clothes look sooo sexy? Ok I have babbled long enough… 😳

    • It’s definitely a red carpet-ey “thing” in Hwood. I’ve seen other actors do the same for Piaget and others.

  3. What a tease! Look at him, with that grasp on the jacket like he is about to open it up to show us the interior pockets full of contraband watches!!!

    IWC – funny, this is the brand of watch that McGarrett is wearing this year (I’m a totaly watch nerd. McWatchNerd)

    • That’s because you know that’s Alex’s watch not McG’s….or is it? Can you McNerd on that for us? I notice he has gorgeous watches…but that’s as far as I get with the scooter watch.

    • It’s the vest. For me it’s all about the vest. There is a list of 1 man I’ve ever found s/xy in a vest. He’s at the top of that list.

      Holy hell…

  4. It’s not the cloths and not the body (well, also) but it’s his outstanding charisma, having that magnetic personality and his self-confident manner which makes him so desirable!

    • He’s s**y and mr.hottie with whatever he does, or whatever he wears (or not 😉 )

    • Absolutely…his charisma and personality is the major attraction but damn!! That man wears a suit incredibly well. He cleans up nicely. 🙂

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