Thigh Holster Thursday by request @AlexOsplace #AlexOLoughlin

When the finale promo pics came out I received a not so subtly hinted tweet that this might make a good Thigh Holster Thursday pic and then other people jumped in and it devolved into conversations about low hangers and moose.

I love you freaks. πŸ™‚



27 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday by request @AlexOsplace #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Picture perfection!!

    Before I left on holiday I suggested to my colleague that while I was away she should familiarize herself with H50bamf and the series as she was unfamiliar with it all (UNBELIEVABLE!)

    When I came back she told me she watched the entire S1 over the weekend and she’s a fan now.

    So Anna, if you’re reading this – you are busted. And yes, you’re a freak now too. hehe.

  2. Low hangers and Moose…. God how I love my like-minded freaks!!!!

    Great choice for THT Ess!

  3. Great THT pic…but really…is ANYONE looking at the holster?!!
    #cannotavertmyeyes #dontwantto #yowza

    • Confession: I DID look at the TH at first. I’m trained to hunt for good caps/pics of the TH…else how can I keep everyone happy on Thursdays? If THT stopped, I’m pretty sure someone would hunt me down, tar and feather me! I live in fear…

      But now that the TH has been confirmed and posted….. Rawrrr!! Who knew I was such a wild life lover??? #savethemoose

  4. As a non-twitter user and not english native i’m a little lost about your comment Ess, but ok, i’m a freak too.

  5. Calvin Klein is missing a HUGE opportunity!! Imagine his very special package wrapped in just a thin layer of cotton…. GUH!! Although it would need to be pretty sturdy cotton to contain that wild beast!! BEWARE: Moose on the loose!! πŸ˜† 😯

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