How #AishaTyler made #AlexOLoughlin blush #H50

She said p—– d —— to his face.

She’s kind of my hero.  

Watch to fill in the blanks!

From OMG Yahoo News (only first few min’s are about H50)

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18 thoughts on “How #AishaTyler made #AlexOLoughlin blush #H50

  1. I love how she said it. She wasn’t flirting like most females that interview him (can’t blame them)…but rather like she was stating a fact.
    Smart girl that Aisha!!

  2. TY, Ess, for posting! I had such a good laugh over this!! Glad to see that the panty thing happens to the best of us. LOL 🙂 And to CG, Aisha WAS stating a fact. #KillTheWig

  3. Hee! The wig does not annoy me. I mean, what lies beneath is all Alex. The wig is just a wig, and it’s better than the one he wore in Moonlight for the army scenes. But I feel y’all’s pain. 😉

    I DO wish her Alex interview was a bit longer… the rest of that vid is zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Yes, they ARE hiding something – in fact, they are are busy hiding EVERYTHING there is to hide, such as Alex’s actual hair, not to mention the other parts of him that are kept hidden though decency doesn’t require it to be so…

    • None of the 2.22 promo pics were Alex/McGarrett related. In fact there was only 1 or 2 I think of Kono and Cath on the beach and the rest were of the guest stars. Didn’t think anyone on this blog would be that interested….

  4. This is further proof that the underwear clothing brands have been too distracted. Alex O’Loughlin is the best person to do all the advertising since tv comercials to magazine’s photos. I think he would help to improve the business on this time of crisis.

    PS – But without the wig!!!

  5. Yes like her in real life, hated her acting in this ep. The acting was so bad by all but Scott and we couldn’t even relish in AOL’s looks. There was no ignoring the wig. Hated the whole thing except the fact that Wo Fat was captured again. Just done so poorly, I’m having a hard time with this one. Panty Dropper ok another highlight from this shoot.

    • I don’t think the acting was bad at all. I think they were acting out the discomfort and annoyance and awkwardness any of us would feel having a camera following us around on our jobs. And I think they did it marvously and it was fkn hilarious!!!

  6. I agree with Ess and CG and really it was funny to see AOL’s faking his discomfort facing a camera,

    • I think they all faked good discomfort & awkwardness not to mention Max being this big fanboy and Fong becoming Mr. Important in the lab. Lol!! Those char moments were actually the episode’s saving grace IMO.

  7. My internet died on me so now that its back I’m going to finished my post. I believe that it was hard for them to act as if they had never had a camera following them and again they were great. Loved Masi acting like a fanboy so excited to meet his idol. Loved Grace’s ” X-Box” reply, Daniel and Michelle were also very good.

    • They buzzed his hair for 3.20…why they couldn’t just make it part of the episode for real, I don’t know. Thankfully he’s not wearing it next episode!

  8. Lol this video had trouble loading. It was very slowly, started and then froze at the “Aussie accent being a p….”. Lol. But I think I got the drift.

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