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  1. That’s why we ALL love him! Because he has the most beautiful look on his face!!! P.E.R.F.E.C.T πŸ™‚ I’ve got nothing more to say! You made my week, thanks !

  2. I love the way his eyes “smile” when Kono says, that she likes the gun πŸ˜‰ already into guns/grenades/teargas/evenbiggerguns, already bamf-Steve πŸ˜‰ !

  3. And this is why we all love this man, he can act just with his eyes, face and expressions. Of course the fact that he has a body to die for and a perfect face and those eyes, lashes,,…( you know what I mean no need to continue to elaborate with all the things that we like in him) is just a BONUS and what a BONUS- ..

    • So wonderfully put Maria!!! Yes, we all swoon over his physical appearance, but it’s his ability to express emotions with a look or a smile that puts him over the top and lures us in!

      • I agree with you, Maria and Kim. We love when an actor show us the genuine emotions and Alex always brings the authenticity to the scene. Mad, serious, crazy, naughty, humorous and fun Steve, we enjoy Alex’s performance totally, never forgeting his gorgeous look and body.

        Thank you Kim for the today’s fabulous face. The ohana episode is where we watch the begining of Hawaii five-0 family. The older brother Chin, the “twins” Steve and Danno, always imply one another and yet inseparable and the younger sister who they want to protect but who has the strength and determination to form a winning team. This end scene was great.

        • I loved the “Ohana” episode so much, I was giddy when I chose this picture. I really need to get those S1 DVD’s back from my friend!

          Admiration and respect for Alex – that’s what I love about being involved with H50BAMF – because Ess has created a site that can be pretty and funny AND appreciative at any given time.

        • LOL it looks like I’m agreeing with myself. πŸ˜‰ This ^^^THIS^^^ should have appeared wayyyyy up there behind Maria’s comment! Gotta love wordpress sometimes. πŸ˜‰

    • I agree entirely and the eyelashes are the icing on the Steve-cake πŸ˜‰ making those ridiculous beautiful eyes even more expressive!

      • I’ve just realised that “ridiculous” isn’t the right word, it’s more like *INCREDIBLE*, huh?

  4. What Maria said!! He’s just soooo smoking. I haven’t loved James Bond since Sean Connery but would change my mind instantly if Alex were to play him!!
    Happy Friday all!!

  5. I agree he can convey so many emotions with just his facial expressions! The raise of his eyebrow, sometimes playful and sometimes BAMF, the sexy half grin, and his eyes…Good Lord… his eyes! Funny how his eyes can do different things to your panties. His piercing Navy SEAL stare could make you wet your pants (or worse) then he turns on the charm with those sparkling eyes and batting eyelashes and makes your panties wet in a v v good way. πŸ™‚
    This is one of my favorite Ohana moments! Of course, Steve in uniform…HUGE BONUS! He has the perfectly shaped mouth! His lips are just begging to be kissed! I love how the light is shining on his jawline and neck and the shadowing on his nose….oh you know what his nose does to me….must breathe….S&T
    My favorite Ohana moment is the reuniting scene in 2:22. The four of them together, hugging, smiling and laughing and Steve looking so beautifully healthy brings tears to my eyes and a warmth in my heart.

    • That 2.22 scene hit me in the heart because it seemed to me to be more Alex than Steve there. RL Ohana

      • You’re right. I had a mix of feelings because we know that was Steve character return but it was more Alex return to the show and to us. It was the most powerful ohana moment.

        • But 2.22 hug-scene is my 2nd fav, after all that WoFat fighting and crashing and tense Jakuza moments, finally, they have HIM back! I love your comments ladies, shity day, and reading your stuff, smiles are emerging on my face again πŸ˜† !

      • I still cry at the hand-grenade-cake scene, my feelings get jolted every time and I cry like a “buybee” 😦

      • “That 2.22 scene hit me in the heart because it seemed to me to be more Alex than Steve there. RL Ohana” – I asked Larry Teng on twitter if that scene was all scripted because so much of it seemed genuinely RL. He said it was a mix of both.

        Up until the 2.22 ‘reunion’ at the end (the entire episode, McG is separated from the team, they only see each other at the end), this moment at the top from 1.2 was my favorite Ohana moment. It was the moment that I fell in love with the show. I remember it literally taking my breath away. The moment in 2.22, well the entire episode really…gave me feels that I’ve never felt before and will probably never feel again (hopefully) because of the RL situation that surrounded it. It really was the perfect moment.

  6. I fell deep in LOVE with Show during this episode. First because of the scene where John McGarrett is narrating and explaining the sacrifices a cop makes…and then this scene….it was the clincher! My heart melted the moment Steve said “I’m sorry you were put in danger today”…SO.WONDERFUL!!
    Thanks Kim…that FACE is fabulous… and beautiful. I love the look of kindness and caring in his eyes..and the way his hair is parted…SO.ADORABLE!!

    • Well said CG. πŸ™‚ I didn’t start watching the show until mid season, so it wasn’t until I got my DVDs that I first saw this epi. I too fell in love with the show and the team after seeing this episode. I had a different appreciation for how deeply they cared for each other when I watched the episodes I had already seen again. I wasn’t just watching for Alex anymore…well mostly…I can’t lie πŸ˜‰
      This was a terrific episode that started with wet Steve and ended with him in uniform. Add a little mushy Ohana in there ….and what more can a girl want?! Ok…to be honest…I would have liked naked wet Steve and out-of-uniform Commander McGarrett. πŸ˜›

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