Throwback Thursday from @airjef #AlexOloughlin in plaid #H50

Plaid! Red Plaid!!!

From Jeff Cadiente (@airjef) : “before we started shooting season 2 we had to refresh AOL on horseback. He picked it up so fast!”




30 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday from @airjef #AlexOloughlin in plaid #H50

    • Karen you read my mind. Everthing that turns me on, the hat, scruff, flannel shirt with rooled up sleaves, and tight jeans. Oh my!

  1. Great, now I’m jealous of a horse!!! (Prrrretty sure I’m not alone!)

    I love this – what a treat! Thanks Kim xx

  2. Oh my.. WOW!! Um.. WOW!! lost for words but WOW!!

    P.S. where did this come from, this is not early season 2 is it??

  3. Where there’s red plaid, the horse is a scooter. (< Chinese saying 😉 ). Thx, Ess, these are very nice archives that you have. Wait. “Very nice” is not the word. The word is alalskdjfhg.

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