Topless Tuesday #AlexOloughlin #H50


Photo from Men’s Fitness August 2011 

28 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOloughlin #H50

  1. I have some words….and I know what to say…..HOLY FK…my panties just exploded!!! There is just so much fkg s*xy about this pic. The tats, the vein, the pecs, the abs, the chest hair, the underarm hair (good lord!!)….and of course…the nipple….OH.MY.GOD….THE.N.I.P.P.L.E.
    My hands would give anything to rub themselves ALL OVER those tats and vein and pecs and abs and chest and underarm hair (good lord!!)….and they would find themselves spending A LOT of time on those glorious nipples….until my tongue finally got jealous and shoved them out of the way…..mmmmm…..I.WANT!!

  2. Wow! This has been a great week for pictures. And it’s only Tuesday.
    God bless the women of H50BAMF! And their muse. We cannot ever forget that muse. 😉

  3. CG already “touched” on mostly everything I was thinking. Not a surprise. 😉 My tongue is twitching to taste every inch of his glistening salty skin. His perfectly groomed chest hair surrounding his hard tanned nipples. To feel them under my tongue, his breath hitching as I brush my teeth against the heavenly nub…mmmmmm. My hands everywhere my mouth isn’t…rubbing,kneading, and caressing his sculpted muscles. Tracing his bicep ink with my finger then tongue, feeling the bulging vein and nuzzling into his armpit, breathing in his hot musky scent. AHHHHH!! That’s it! Panties are destroyed!

    Great pic Kim! His torso is truly a work of art!

  4. Jeez, kimphin1, seriously, now you’re pushing it to far 😉 ! Do you want us to go completely froot loops?

  5. The hair is just perfect, as is the body! I seriously like the chest hair, it’s cool and very manly! I like it when there is some hair on a man’s body, not too much, but like this, just “pure perfection”! I guess after staring for hours ( 😉 ) I could pick out Steve’s, (oops Alex’s) chest by just the look of a small part of it, ha! ( I could even pick him by touching his hair size, (I mean not his haircut ) and with bandages over my eyes! )

    • I HATED chest hair before Alex. HATED IT!! Now I look at hairless dudes and wonder why they look like little boys who go to the gym? He has ruined me. RUINED ME!

      • Jeez, everytime I click on that Topless Tuesday pic, I feel like a 14year old school girl again! Doing forbidden stuff behind my parents back and jumping up over every sound in my surroundings! *giggle”

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