Promo stills for #H50 3.23 He welo ‘oihana (Family Business) #AlexOLoughlin #ChristineLahti

Seriously, I have the giggles this looks so good!!

Pic credits to Norman Shapiro/CBS Press Express.

25 thoughts on “Promo stills for #H50 3.23 He welo ‘oihana (Family Business) #AlexOLoughlin #ChristineLahti

  1. I like the angle in the 1st……but I have to tell you that it would look even better with a zoom …to see the FOY in a close up

  2. Ess, thx v much for sharing and thx for the text captions, which cracked me up so that my laptop is now melting, too, because of all the hot coffee that happened to get onto it.

  3. How can he trust her and go on a dangerous “mission” with her? She’s done nothing than betrayed and lied to him recently! I swear if he gets hurt (even hurt physically) I’m going to kick her ***, really really hard 😉 ! He should stick with CATH!

    • But underneath it all….she IS his mother…and he still wants to believe in her though he mostly doesn’t. I actually kind of like that. Speaks to the goodness of Steve’s heart.

      “He should stick with Cath” <<–I won't argue with that. I'd be totally happy with it. 🙂

      • She’s his mom, and as his mom she wants all the best for him (she didn’t intent to hurt him, I guess) but she’s always trouble, ALWAYS! And now he’s got to help her to get that “microfich” (?) back, TO.KEEP.THEM.SAFE, huh, I don’t like that, not at all! Maybe in the end, it all works out 😉 they live happily ever after! ( I can’t believe I just wrote that 😆 )

  4. Agree w/the ladies – all black and that HAIR!! SPLAT! I’m going to spontaneously combust when this episode airs!

  5. Does anyone like his hair? 😆 Am I the only one?! 😛 Good Lord he is so freakin hot in all black!! The close up of him is…well…causing total melt down in my nether regions : razz: I.MAY.DIE.WHILE.WATCHING.THIS!

    • Tha hair is fantastic, it is frkn sexy, AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH THAT I COULD SCREAM ALL DAY LONG: I love his hair! 😆 It would be embarrassing in front of my kids, so I whisper it one more time: *I* *lOVE* *THE* *HAIR*! Very very very much 😆 !

      • I’m not sure if anyone else knows…but I LOVE.THE HAIR!!
        I want to rub my hands….and a couple of other body parts that shall remain unnamed as to prevent WP from monitoring my comment….ALL.OVER that s*xy head of hair!! *sigh*

  6. Steve’s mum is super fit! Keeping up with ninja Steve. She should get points for that. As for Steve and the all black. Woah!

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