BTS pics from last day of #H50 shooting #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #DanielDaeKim thanks to #Five0Redux @wendiejoy

Big thanks to @skippy9474 and Wendie Joy for sharing these on her Five-0 Redux Facebook Page.  If you have Facebook, please head over there and hit that “LIKE” button!

Looks like these may be the last filming pics we get for the season and what a treat they are!


16 thoughts on “BTS pics from last day of #H50 shooting #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #DanielDaeKim thanks to #Five0Redux @wendiejoy

  1. The absence of the rug/wig makes me so weirdly excited that I don’t notice anything else about the pics. Not even the FOY. *cough* I wonder if perv obsession with hair is a disease, like hair-o-philia. If so, I must have caught it. THX so much for sharing the pics!!

  2. He just looks so comfortable as a “cop”, I mean, with all his “gear”, so frkn hot believable!

    • SO. FRKN. BELIEVABLE!! <<–you said it!! You'd think that would be a cake walk but I've seen some rather unconvincing actors trying to be cops. You NEVER doubt him for a second.

  3. He looks so fkn s*xy in these pics!!! His body is rockin and that hair is gorgeous. LOVE.THE.HAIR. I think that’s the second time I posted those three words tonight…and about the gazillionth time I’ve said it in my head!!!!! Did I mention I LOVE.THE.HAIR?!!!

  4. Alex is gorgeous in anything, but glad the wig went. It only lasted for 1 episode I am glad to say. Not sure why they even used one,his short hair is better han that. But perhaps the week after the Promise eppie they needed him to look normal,

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