A new workout pic from #AlexOLoughlin fangirls new BFF #EganInoue

I often make the comment I want to hug Alex….with my thighs. Damn!! Looks like Egan beat me to it. IHH/NID

He says video to come soon!! Squee!!

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31 thoughts on “A new workout pic from #AlexOLoughlin fangirls new BFF #EganInoue

  1. Egan is a marketing genius. Almost an evil genius. Thanks for sharing. I need to go find some air now…

  2. Umpf….me thinks Mr.Egan is trying to motivate us all with this sweaty, straining, sexy man.

  3. I’m thinking there will soon be Alex/Egan shippers out there ๐Ÿ™‚ What a Lucky F/cker! Love you Egan for sharing this! Thanks ESS for passing this on! We are all waiting to see you take Alex down…for training purposes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • huh. good catch! maybe it’s just dependent on what they’ll be working on that day or how his ankles are feeling at the time. Like maybe certain moves bother his left more and others his right. Just guessing…

    • That is a good catch! I suppose it’s also possible that he’s got both ankles wrapped…since we can’t see his other foot.

  4. OK, this pose, I mean pic, makes me and my panties giggle so hard that I can’t type, so this is just to thank you Ess for posting this and making me a very hysterical, I mean happy person, tonight!

  5. Who doesn’t love Egan right now?!!! He is so kind to help out our panties like that!!!!
    I’m not gonna lie….this gets me a little HOT & BOTHERED…and when he posts the video I’m gonna be a whole lot HOTTER & BOTHEREDER…I know that’s not a word…but it will be after I see that video….cuz you just know they’re hitting the mat and Alex is gonna end up on top….in that same position!!! OH.MY…..the visual…must go lie down now.

  6. OMG, I totally forgot to breath when I opened this. Dam that jiu jitsu looks fun. If thereยดs any kind of back and forth swinging in the video, I might pass out till my gifรญng urges bring the blood back to my head.

  7. Thanks Ess for another pic not work safe…O know o should be working but now all I can think is about this type “workout” and you all know what I mean.

    • Sorry Maria!! Can we just say ALL Alex pics come with that NSFW’ish warning?? lol! Because lets face it, if he was sitting there eating a cheeseburger with juice dripping down his chin in a pile of mud, we’d still get some wacky kind of fantasy out of it. #AOLEffect.

  8. Egan really wants to motivate us for workout and sharing this pics is the best way of doing it. Yes Ess, Egan won us or maybe he wanted to give the example how we should do it right. I want to watch the video so much ………..just for learn and improve my jiu jitsu skills.

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