Promo vid for #H50 3.21 ##AlexOLoughlin #AishaTyler #ScottCaan

Click here for promo from CBS

Click here for link to spoilerTV

Not sure if either of those are viewable outside the USA. I will get the international one up when it’s available! Or if someone sees it, please post it in the comments. Thanks!’


Aisha, “Did he just do that?”

Yeah babe. Meet Steve BAMF McGarrett!!

14 thoughts on “Promo vid for #H50 3.21 ##AlexOLoughlin #AishaTyler #ScottCaan

  1. Thanks for posting ESS!! I’m happy to report that I can view the vid!! And I’m also happy to report that my panties are v v excited with the prospect of a wet McG!!!! It’s not the shower…but I’ll take what I can get!!!

  2. Thanks Ess for the link, have to agree with canadagirl…………… a wet Steve,,,,,,,,,yummy……

  3. SpoilerTV link works in Canada! Oh wait, I guess you figured that out thanks to my fellow Canuck who go the first comment in!! 🙂

  4. TY for sharing, ESS! The SpoilerTV link works fine for Europe, too 🙂 The epi looks like much fun! Only, it gives me serious rug issues and now the mere sight of any innocent actual rug in the house makes me cringe. I’m throwing out all rugs in hope they will be eaten by the neighbour’s dog and this is what Wardrobe should do with their red rug, too. I rest my case.

  5. All I could scream, while watching this promo was “Steve wet, jeah”! And now we have to wait AGAIN, and I’m not good at waiting and when it comes to Steve I’m more awful at waiting! (I really hope for the writers they show us WET-STEVE-IN-FULL-SCREENTIME also adding STEVE-CHANGING-HIS-SHIRT-IN-FULL-SCREEN-TIME! If not 😦 I’ll have to find J.A.G. filling a complaint 😆 !

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