Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

I’ve been looking all over the stores and internet and hell if I can find this pillow for sale…



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  2. THX so much ESS!! For reasons. One of them being I never saw this particular pic before, tho I know this photoshoot of course. But it’s hard to tell for me now cause my eyes are swollen and burning cause I’m a pathetic loser who cries over TV shows and then overshares about it. I ❀ you almost as much as I ❀ 3.20. *end of oversharing*

  3. This is very soothing today. He looks blissfully peaceful… and she has the expression of a sleeping cat who just ate the canary. I appreciate the mellow. Thanks, ESS.

  4. Oh my – just to be able to change places with this very lucky lady. Although I don’t know how she managed to control herself, I know I wouldn’t have been able to πŸ™‚ Thanks ESS

  5. Wow! Thanks, ESS. I’ve seen a different angle of this shot but this one is new to me. Lovely!

  6. After all his emotion last night, he deserves this peaceful little nap (of course, I’d look better next to him but then it wouldn’t be peaceful!). Thanks!!

  7. Oh ESS! Thank you for this! I love this photo shoot and didn’t have this particular shot. He does look very peaceful and absolutely scrumptious! I want to snuggle into his armpit and lay my head on his glorious chest! This lucky b*tch is living out our fantasies with her hand on his stomach and her leg on top of his. I’d be like “Oh, I’m sorry, too low?” My mouth would be quivering and there would be a big puddle of drool on his chest and abs. His underarms make me so freaking crazy!!! Knowing he’s somewhat vulnerable with his arms up over his head give me thoughts of “torturing” every inch of him with my hands, lips, tongue and teeth, until he begs for mercy! πŸ˜› I LOVE THIS PHOTO!! Even with the scooter chick in it.

    • So love your words lurxgirl, perfectly said ! First time in my life I’m actually jealous of a woman, seriously, how I crave for that hand on my head (and btw, I would snuggle tighter πŸ˜‰ )!

  8. WOW!! He is BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL in this pic!! Looking at him makes me tingly all over…especially my…ummmm…well…you know!!!
    And if that was me in bed with him ..he wouldn’t be resting…and his eyes would be closed for a whole other reason!

  9. OMG! I agree with everyone of you. What photo shoo is this from, never seen this picture and I love it. Who is the girl? I too would love to have that pillow, but not the on his head is on I want the one she has her head on. I can’t help to picture them getting set up this and how many takes it took. Now if it wa me in there they would be yelling CUT!!

  10. GORGEOUS!!!I’m suprised they just didn’t use Malia {I KNOW PRIVATE LIFE!!!} but the model definately has a look of her maybe that is why Alex looks so at home with her. {LB}

  11. Hi all, glad you liked the pic. He’s dreamy….literally, in it isn’t he? The girl is a model though I don’t remember her name. I’m pretty sure she spontaneously combusted and/or retired after this. I mean, your whole life is downhill after this moment, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰ haha. She does look like Malia a little..but Malia is a whole lot luckier. πŸ™‚ She gets to snuggle for for real. ❀

    Again, RL is kind of a bear this week. Carry on and I'll catch up ASAP. ❀ you all!

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