Tonight…History. Love. Honor. Future.. #H50 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth


Special thanks again to @rainycali for inspiration…

If you wonder why McG and Cath have different color Navy uniforms, Wendie Joy of Five-0 Redux, who is also a Navy wife, provided the following information: “From Chief Burbridge- #McG is wearing a diff Navy Working Uniform he wears Type III (Woodland) which is only for special forces. Cath is wearing the reg NWU uniform which is in the blue/grey color.”  Thanks to Wendie and the info!  Be sure to check out her blog  Five-0 Redux or Facebook page.

24 thoughts on “Tonight…History. Love. Honor. Future.. #H50 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

  1. This episode must feel very excited and nervous and maybe even a lllllotttttt of pressure today, as it is the most eagerly anticipated episode since the pilot itself. Break a leg, episode, just not McG’s! 😀

    • I think the only episode I’ve been this excited about was the S2 opener and it surpassed my expectations. I think this one will do the same. The only thing right now I can see being a let down is that it will be too damn short. WAY too short. 😦

  2. That’s wonderful, Ess, and not just the pics, also your text! It’s touching. Or maybe it’s only me being emo with all the anticipation of this epi.

      • 3 hrs 49 minutes!!! There is NO way I’m gonna be able to concentrate and get anymore work done today!! Perhaps I should leave early and when they ask why, I’ll say that my heart is racing, I’m sweating and I’m breathing heavy!!!
        #notaheartattack #anticipation

  3. Jeez, with that hot new episode coming up tonight, the hot nice flip-flops-weather is arriving in switzerland! 2timeshotness!

  4. Y’all are some lucky ladies, we Brits have 5 weeks to wait yet, but I know good things come to those who wait – and this looks very good! I am sure eps 16-19 will help the wait seem better!!

  5. There’s so many of us on the ledge! Is it going to hold up? If it doesn’t, alcohol consumption will cushion the fall!! Thanks for the Mcnerding on the unis.

  6. Tonite is the nite as they say. Looking forward to this episode as most of you here. I hope it really is worth all the hype it had been given for a long time. I hope for a excellent episode

  7. Finally the day came the most anticipated episode of the season. I want you to ask Ess to watch and have fun for your friends who will not get to see today. I am one of them. Just hope i get it this week. Hugs.

      • You were Quite right ESS iI was a wonderful distractation. i cried of course and what was really moving and unexpected was when Steve looked up at the Burial and saw his “TEAM” standing there!!The look on HIS face and on Kono’s,Chin’s and Danny’s OMG !!!!!!{SOBBING}

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