BTS at Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin #ShannynSossamon


15 thoughts on “BTS at Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin #ShannynSossamon

  1. It’s weird, my eyes are saying that he hardly looks like the AOL that I know and love, but, my lady parts would clearly know him anywhere! Thanks for this one 😉

    • Fi, exactly! Lol!!

      I’m weirdly fascinated by this photo! It kinda doesn’t look like Alex…but my panties screamed “oh YES IT IS” and then set themselves on fire. They’re a weird bunch.

      • Love the “my lady parts and my panties would know him anywhere” comments…SO FUNNY….and SO TRUE!!! Even if his face doesn’t quite look like him, there is no mistaking that hand and those deliciously long fingers. And that bear hug he gives that makes the recipient v v happy…well..that’s there too!!!

  2. wow, from most of the comments it seems everone here was not a fan of Moonlight. I think he looked his best sexy self back then/

    • Beth, I watched the show on the advice of Ess, and I loved it, truly, deeply, madly loved it! I do think Alex is hotter as Steve, Andy, Stan and, well, Alex but there is a lot of love in my heart for Mick! Steve is sexy, Mick is beautiful. Xx

    • Oh, I was a fan of Moonlight from the very beginning, and still love Mick best of all his characters. It’s just the pic looks so different even from normal Mick/Alex at that time. Yummy as heck still. And I agree that he looked best back then. Bring on the Moonie meat… And the hair…

    • To use Fi’s words…I truly, deeply, madly LOVE Mick!
      Mick was a beautiful but tortured soul and he made me want to love him and take care of him and comfort him.
      Mick will always hold a special place in my heart!!
      Alex played that character so brilliantly that I have a really difficult time reconciling that he is the same actor who plays Steve McGarrett.

    • beth, i don’t know why you would think that. No one said he looked bad, just that he looked different. If I didn’t LOVE Moonlight, I wouldn’t devote a daily theme to it. I give Mick his own day! lol.

  3. I only recently got into Moonlight – not sure if it was ever shown here in the UK, but got a very fed up husband to treat me to the dvd of it and had watched the whole series in a couple of days. Don’t understand why it wasn’t renewed for a second series. I agree with Fi I truly, madly and deeply love Alex, but I’ve found that no matter what the role he plays, he makes you believe he really is that person and that is, to me, a sign of a fantasticly gifted actor. Must say though that I love him in the roles that I’ve seen him in, which are Mick, Will, Andy and Stan. Haven’t seen his other roles as yet – will have to earn a few more brownie points with the hubby to get more of his films 🙂

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