Fan pics from #AlexOLoughlin at the Relay for Life at UH Manoa yesterday

Amidst the push to finish filming the season finale it looks like Alex found time to attend the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at UH Manoa.

Be more adorable Alex, I dare you…







Pic credits: tiaasnyder on IG, otreborbocaj on IG, rabbrachel on IG, dianne_cannon on IG, xoxmel on IG


32 thoughts on “Fan pics from #AlexOLoughlin at the Relay for Life at UH Manoa yesterday

  1. We like Alex for many reasons, for being such a talented actor, for being such a HOT man, but when I see the sweetness and kindness in his eyes and smile at this kind of charity events everything else fades.
    And it reminds me that talent or hotness would be nothing without his warm, genuinely caring heart.
    I wish I could love him more, but if I try my heart will explode….and I sort of need it 😉
    Thank you Alex for being an amazing human being.

    • I think while he is filming for Five-0 it’s just easier for him to go to charity events in Hawaii because it is where he lives. Surely if he was somewhere else he would attend events there. But it is a good thing that he is taking time from his very busy schedule to give something back to the community, wherever that is 🙂

    • Thank you everyone for replying in a well thought out, non-bashing kind of way. I couldn’t love you all more than I do right now. ❤ ❤

      Justsaying, we don't "bash" on this site. Even when we share a dissenting opinion, it's stated respectfully and it's received respectfully. I would just offer this one piece of advice if you wish to continue posting here, if you think what you have to say will get you bashed, then maybe you shouldn't post it…at least not here.

      I agree with the others. This wasn't an attempt to gain more fans, it was a charity event. Hawaii is his home right now so the location of his charity works makes perfect sense. The Hawaiian islands are some of the most isolated land masses in the world. These people have devoloped a culture of taking care of themselves and each other. I, for one am happy to see Alex and any of the cast do what they can and be a real part of the community while they're there.

  2. No bashing, but his actions do stand to reason. When he lived in LA, that’s where he went to charity events. He doesn’t get much time off, and he now has a family to see when he is off from work. So it’s only reasonable he socializes and does community service in Hawaii. Hawaii is his community right now. I think it’s way cool that he always does seem to get involved in charities. And he really does no self-promotion. I sincerely admire him… and I can guarantee he will never show up for ANYTHING in my state. My own misfortune of geography. 😉

      • Excellent posts, ESS… and even tho he may have gotten some sleep as it turned out 😉 , the boy works alllll the time. At Show, at parenting, at partnering, and so so often in his community. Respect. Nothing but respect. Well, and some heart-fluttering, fan-girl squeeing too. But even that with respect. He’s earned it. And my heart goes to all touched by cancer. No question it’s a worthy cause.

  3. What a sweet and generous guy! Yep, I love him even more! I too am grateful to him for his support. Also…he has very kind eyes. *sigh*

  4. Your comments made me use the tissue box that I had put aside for tomorrow and not only because of the matter,, I have a dear friend that is fighting a breast cancer but also because here we can talk without the hate that I see in so many pages in FB. On a lighter topic I have a question, is that the same shirt that he wore on the fundraiser last February?

    • 1. Make sure you buy more tissues
      2. So sorry. 😦 I think everyone has been touched by this awful, awful disease in some way. 😦
      3. Absolutely! Hats off to you lovely ladies for being smart, insightful and kind to each other. ❤
      4. It does indeed look like the same shirt. Me likey!

  5. As someone who has lost both family and friends to this horrible illness, it makes me appreciate, value, remain in complete awe and love with this beautiful person that God has put our way. To know that he takes time out of the time he is not working that he would use for his family, to support such charities, even if it is only in Hawaii. We all have been effected by this illness and I’m for one glad that he supports us all. He seems to be a really honest and caring person to all he meets. Just wish I lived in Hawaii instead of Northern Ireland, then maybe I could get to see him in real life – ah well a girl can dream 🙂

  6. TY Ess for the amazing post and everyone for posting all the kind and appreciating comments, #YouSaidItAll.

  7. I do agree that helping locally is the best way to make a difference because what you put in your own community (energy, love, empathy, understanding, money, etc) is exactly what you get back and thus the entire local society becomes more loving, empathetic, understanding, etc). If we all did our small bit for our small world, then the whole world would be less chaotic.

    He’s awesome, in every way.

  8. He really looks like a very nice sweet guy. That’s why I love him so much. I was in Hawaii more than a year ago and came looking for him, where he’s taping but didn’t find him at all. Well, I’ll be back this September for the SOTB celebration. Well, I’m very confident they have it the 3rd year in a row. See you Steve!

    • He does look like a sweet guy and everyone around him seems to confirm it. ❤
      I wish you much success on your next trip!!!
      and if you do find Alex tell him hi for us and send us pics!! 🙂

  9. I’m coming to Hawaii in September on holiday all the way from England & I’d be over the moon if somehow I can meet Alex and the rest of H5o cast. Hopefully now there will be a 4th Season they will premiere the first episode on the beach once again. Alex is a fantastic actor and I agree with a previous comment that he has the most amazing eyes, & such a sexy man!!!!

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