Fraturday bts pic from @danieldaekim #AlexOLoughlin #h50

From @danieldaekim: “How to pass the time between shots on a Fraturday. #H50”

Guess they’re working hard this week to get done for hiatus. This is the start of filming the finale. Nooooo!!! *cries*


Thanks to my girls @infant_sardonic, @lschultz714 & @alexynay for the heads up.

Big thanks to DDK for the awesome bts pics this year!! {{{virtual hug}}}


18 thoughts on “Fraturday bts pic from @danieldaekim #AlexOLoughlin #h50

  1. I totally missed the scooter sign behind him 🙂 Seeing him with that cigar in his mouth ….unf…I want his lips wrapped around me like that and I bet he’s using his teeth too….*quiver* The guitar and his hands….uhhh….*swallow*….#STRUMMETILICUM

    • I had some troubles deciphering your instruction after the #-sign, well, another proof that I’m in fact sooo goood that all attempts at innuendos are lost on me. LOL

  2. Thx for the treat, it’s so funny! I noticed the no smoking sign quite soon, for a scooter, and I’m loling hard now. The day Alex found out that the common laws of humanity, including no smoking signs, don’t apply to him.

  3. What sign? what guitar?

    I can’t tear my gaze away from that face. And the cigar…AND the hair. Love the hair!

  4. Soooo, now we know they filmed until 4a.m. Saturday morning and then he went to the Relay for Life Event. *sigh* I hope he went home after that, ate, kissed the girl, the kiddies, and then took a HELLA long nap!! 🙂

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