In 3 days..the chase and the capture 3.20 #H50 #AlexOLoughlin



20 thoughts on “In 3 days..the chase and the capture 3.20 #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

  1. ^ “The chase, the capture…” ^ But does this treat come with a *happy ending*? By which I may or may not mean the plot.
    BTW, it’s rather hard to make a countdown when everyone is everywhere different all over the world 🙂 – happy you who’ll get to see it straight away in the original CBS airing! TY all the same for the post!

  2. Sometimes I can’t believe how much Steve/Alex changed in those 3 years since the pilot! But he’s gorgeous at any time 😉 ! Thanks for the post, it’s always a pleasure to come here in the morning and enjoy the “coffee”!

  3. Stll to much time and then I have to wait until 2 am to see it online, because Fox Portugal is only on ep 14, but hey I got to see 2 great ep in the same week 3.29 and again 3.15.

  4. Is Norman Reedus back or are his scenes old footage? McG looks cool in his camos. And by cool, I mean hot.

    • No confirmation, but I think Anton Hesse appears in 3.20 with a head bag on only… Norman Reedus isn’t in any of the casting notes. But, I suppose there is hope?

      • Fingers crossed. Tho he is so hot right now, that if he were in it, I guess it would show up in the promos. More screen time for McG. 😀

  5. We haven’t had much BAMF this season (for good reasons) but I think this ep is going to make up for it. Awesomeness.

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