BTS pics from JBPHH Facebook filming 3.20 #alexoloughlin #michelleborth #H50

From the Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam Facebook Page a few new BTS pics from filming.  Be sure to visit their page and hit that “LIKE” button. There is a little additional info on their page regarding each photo.

Pic credit: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Nardel Gervacio


9 thoughts on “BTS pics from JBPHH Facebook filming 3.20 #alexoloughlin #michelleborth #H50

  1. OMG…SO.MUCH.AWESOME!!! Cannot wait to see these on my laptop…my small @ss smartphone screen just doesn’t cut it!!!
    #biggerisbetter #soisharder #justsayin

  2. These pics are getting more interested in the back flashes. I hope for some good scenes for gifs, serious Seal exercises…pushups in wet clinging clothes…mmmmm

    • LOTS OF GIFS!!!! My schedule is cleared for Tues. You’ll have yours done much faster than I can even get my episode downloaded (thanks, POS computer) but I can’t wait to see them!!!

      I’m going to have one hella time doing pic spam next sunday. It’s just going to be a bunch of screencaps and “adja;sldjfa;sldfja;sdlfkjasd;”.

  3. Woot! This is the Joe White story McG told on the battleship Missouri, with the SEAL who took hostages, in Season 1! They are showing it in flashbacks! Peeps might want to rewatch this ep before Monday. Research purposes and all. And you’re welcome for the excuse to rewatch.

    • I love JoeWhite as Navy MAN ( I used to love him as TomBoone in the JAG-Story ) he’s such a down-to-earth-typ ! I never forget the words he says to Jen after McG’s on the run “he can look after himself, I trained him” 😉 (He was a little bit creepy in LOST, althought!)
      I’ll rewatch tonight, thanks for the reminder (I actually wanted to rewatch TBUP tonight, for soothing my mind, but plan-changes 😉 )

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