One last pic of #H50 cast with #JamesTaylor #AlexOLoughlin

From James Taylor’s Facebook page, one last photo with the cast.


Pic credit: Norman Shapiro

15 thoughts on “One last pic of #H50 cast with #JamesTaylor #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Hmmm… more like a pic of JT’s family and the 5-0 cast… oh! Looky there! There’s JT himself waaaaaaay in the back, all alone. LOL! Cute kids, btw.

  2. Cath looks tiny 😦 maybe bad focused camera or wrong angle (for her) for us it’s perfect! We only have eyes for STEVE!

  3. Alex looking great. Scott making me smile with his arm around Grace. Must admit Michelle looking a bit pale

  4. The pic is amazing, THANK YOU for sharing, Ess!! *throwing out the framed photo of the strangers on my worktable (whose family are these? not mine) to replace it with ^ THIS ^ *

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