Terrific new pics of #JamesTaylor visit to H50 set #AlexOLoughlin

For my non-tweeting friends, James Taylor visited the H50 set last week not to guest star but because he’s a fan of the show. ย Man’s got taste! And now they’ve shared these wonderful pics with the fans.

These are like, beyond yummy!!

2013 April James Taylor visit2

2013 April JamesTaylor4

2013 April JamesTaylor visit

2013 April JamesTaylor visit3

Thanks to @alexynay at Alex O’Loughlin Journal Facebook for the heads up. How about visiting over there and hitting that “LIKE” button on her page?

41 thoughts on “Terrific new pics of #JamesTaylor visit to H50 set #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Sweet Baby James! Now we need an emo scene in Show, starring McG, with JT music playing us home.

  2. Unfff, ^ this ^ is far too wonderful to comment coherently. This is just to say THANK YOU to ESS!! I was here. Still am. May cease to be if you keep on posting too much pretty. #TheBestWayToGo

  3. I love the hair, just so awesome cool, I LOVE THE HAIR, I LOVE THE HAIR, I JUST LOVE THE HAIR! And those long fingers in action while talking, omg, I NEED A SNEAK PEEK 3.20!

    • Of course, THE HAIR!! *happy sigh* About the only thing that McG has now in common with my Not McG, who is VERY NOT MCG and as such doesn’t make it any easier for me to imagine. *sad sigh*

  4. I saw these before I went to bed last night and I dreamt about his short soft sexy hair and THAT SHIRT! OMG…I love buttons on him! It must be the thought of slowly undoing each button while staring into his steel blue eyes. He is excruciatingly gorgeous in the second pic with his huge man hands, the forehead wrinkles, strong nose, neck vein, and collar open so I can slip my hand or mouth right in there….*quiver* He looks like he is truly enjoying his talk with James Taylor and visa versa.

  5. Love, love, love his hair! #killthebadrug. Look at his hands in photos 2 & 3 – #HANDPORN!! Swooning!! TY!!

    • Yeah, I love his hands too and all the porn-stuff that comes along, those hands are dancing while he’s talking, doing the *SteveMcG-table-dance* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Can we get the wig featured on the S3 gag reel? Maybe it’s own featurette with Alex discussing how hot and uncomfortable it was to wear in the Hawaiian heat?

    I’m guessing it might be part of the end of season wrap party games. Pin the wig on McG? Target practice??

  7. The hair…the hands…the button down shirt…SO.MUCH.TO.LOVE!!
    Again…AOL doing random sh*t….and its the sexiest thing EVER!!! FLR!!

  8. I saw these pics before I went to work this morning. What a great pick me up after the terrible stomach bug I have just got over. Swoon over Alex and that hair. Want him to keep it next season

  9. It’s always good to have pictures of Alex with known people from different areas to socialize and share experiences and tastes, showing its simplicity and enthusiasm for their work and life.

  10. Ugh, some 15 hours later and I still can’t deal with the gorgeous hair and the adorableness of his smile.
    I’m pretty sure when he smiles an angel gets his wings.

  11. Alex looks very handsome with that haircut I hope he keep it up. is not too long not to short, just the right amount. As I really dont like almost bald head hehe

  12. Since the hair is growing in so nicely, I am hoping and wishing that the heinous fuzzy toupee is gone. Pleasepleaseplease.

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