From @CBSTvStudios – do you love this man in uniform?? #AlexOLoughlin

CBSTVSTUDIOS just released this pic and asked if we love men in uniform….especially this man?

Um….Yes, please and thanks!!!



26 thoughts on “From @CBSTvStudios – do you love this man in uniform?? #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Was it really this small? #seriouslyobsessedwithbigpics!
    And yes! I love this man in uniform maybe even better, him undressing it 😉

  2. Do we love a man in uniform… especially this man? = stupid @ss question of the year!!!
    DUH…and D.A.M.N!!!

  3. Precisely the kind of photo you’d put on your workplace table / bedside table – if other people didn’t tend to come to those places. #ignorants. TY for posting!!

  4. There’s a strange look on his face, don’t you think? His eyes are not McG-like 😕 How many logos?? (emblem?? badges??) does that man have?

  5. YES! DUH! SERIOUSLY?! If we confirm that we love him in uniform, will they then ask if we like him naked?! I want THAT PIC! Is this the stupidity that keeps us from seeing McG in all his glory? It’s prime time CBS! We want some sex!!

  6. Only now after almost 3 seasons CBS noticed that we love Steve McGarrett in uniform. Better late than never. From now they should hold more photos in different uniforms for us to evaluate what we like most.

  7. Is this episode two-part because right now after seeing all the great pix released that everything will be crammed into 60 minutes and that just wouldn’t be fair to us would it. Alex wears the uniform the uniform doesn’t wear him (hope that makes sense) and he looks amazing.

    • It makes perfect sense, Wanda! He commands the uniform just like he commands a suit.
      It breaks my heart that this is only a 1 hour episode, especially when they allowed 2 hrs for that NCISLA crossover last year. BUT…I’ll happily take what they give us. Many of us have been dreaming of this kind of episode…so here goes!!

  8. WTF!!! ESS!!! Are you tryin to kill me??? I missed that pic?!?!?! And no one told me about it??? *cryin* Where’s the Ohana spirit?? I wasn’t online that much/that long this week. So I think I missed everything! Mahalo Nui Loa ESS!! You and of course your Team, keep me updated. Better late than never LOL xoxoxoxo

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