A real treat from @Rtreatwilliams #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

Thanks to Treat Williams, who is back on the H50 set and tweeted this pic of Alex.  Looks like it’s from filming earlier this year….but we’ll take it!! Especially when he has such nice things to say about our man.

Looking forward to seeing Treat’s return to H50 (and hopefully White Collar)

2013 treat williams

“This guys pretty good
Works his ass off
Good man”


**just don’t work ALL dat ass off, ok??


21 thoughts on “A real treat from @Rtreatwilliams #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I remember that he said that Alex ” was a pro” because in that ep ” he was sick as a dog” his words not mine, and Alex’s voice was a bit rough.

  2. I never (ever) be tired of Steve wearing those tan cargos, dead honest 😆 but just now I want to bypass HIM and jump into that fantastic bluish water!

    • ^ Your comment made me happy, I’m also looking at the scooter pool, I don’t know why 🙂 ^ My first thought was that he shouldn’t stand so near the pool or some curious woman who’d wish to see him wet/pantless will give him a push to the water.

      • Jeez! I sure enought want to push him into the pool and get him wet all-over 😆 and devour with my eyes these wet cargos/teeshirt clinging to his awesome hot body! (Jeez, seriously, I guess I wouldn’t know what to do with him if I was there with him, too embarrassing for me! I really shouldn’t let my fantasies go that far, I’m not the spontaneous typ, more chicken-hearted 😉 )

        • But sticking to RL and being seeerious are not so much fun, right? I’d have some slight objections to your “devouring WITH YOUR EYES” — aren’t there other bodily parts and limbs to be put to use? But I’ll let it go cause I’m good.

        • LOL We would thank yuo for ever if you got him “wet all over” 😉
          Just pretend to be clumsy….”ooops sorry Alex didn’t see you there!”

        • In keeping with the scooter pool, I’ve been watching old Magnum PI episodes, and ^^that house is in one of the season 1 episodes. I was jumping up and down when I realized it. #TotalGeek

  3. Alex looks really good 🙂
    And I’m always happy to hear is co-stars once again saying how hard working he is too.
    There are so many reasons why I love him so much.

    • I’m sure there is quite a lot of AOL character in STEVE! Anybody volunteers to find adjectives that would fit them both? *puts hand up, “yes, buttercup”, “smexy”, “perfect, thank you”, *looks around*, “anybody else?”

  4. That shadow on his shirt looks like a fangirl jumping up and waving frantically with both hands “Alex over here…here I am Alex…Alex…oh Alex…A.L.E.X!!!!”

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