Topless Tuesday – Return to the Pilot pt.4- #AlexOloughlin #H50

I think we need to see more wardrobe changes on camera. For plot purposes, obviously.



30 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday – Return to the Pilot pt.4- #AlexOloughlin #H50

  1. Thx for reminding me of the plot, Kimmer, a smart point 😉 I tend to forget such things as plot. Tho recently I hardly ever forget to LIKE posts in under about 5 min since they’re published. Is it just me or is it ok to be online very much like 24/7? Pathetic. BTW this is one lovely decorated scooter chair you have in the pic!!

  2. Am I seeing things or is that really some nipple tats all loud and proud?? Why the bad dye job now to cover them up?? Stop ruining perfectly good chest makeup on something we WANT to see!

    • That is in fact, the nipple tatt lurking undercover there. I also notice that they have varying degrees of coverup in the arm tatts – sometimes they are covered to look less colorful than other times. SET THEM FREE!!!!!

    • promogirl, i can’t remember if this is your first post on the blog, if it is, WELCOME!! *waves* even if it isn’t i just want to give you a big ‘ol ACA!!! Stop covering the tatts!! #freethegecko and #theonethatisntagecko

  3. You’re seriously trying to kill me with all that S1 stuff lately 🙂 Look at his absolutely awesome body, that’s all I can say (likewise I’m in harmony with CG’s capital letter words 😆 so true)! If I my say something, I love s3 cargos better, they’re more form-fitting, whew I prefer tighter 😉 !

  4. Please don’t kill me but there are 2 scooters in this pic hahahaha! I love this pic and I have to agree stop messing with perfection with that bad makeup job …I believe that for a Seal the chest and back tattoos are not allowed but we really would like to see them. Since Season 1 until now I’m amazed how those cargo pants don’t fall ( no that we would mind) with all the stuff that he puts in those pockets,

  5. Oh Kim, this is such a treat on this nasty rainy day here in the Midwest! I never noticed that you can see his sun tattoo over his nipple. Yeah, we all know where it is, but I love to say nipple…heehee…I’m 12 🙂 Good Lord, look at his pecs, and shoulders and arms and “man dents” above those low riding cargoes….mmmmm! The man is an Adonis! Danny, what in the he// could be that interesting out there! He’s not amused by Steve’s stripping his shirt yet, but how can he not be checking him out!? I’m with buttercup, I like the tighter S3 cargos better, but I can’t complain how these hang so nice and low on his hips…YUMMM!

  6. First thing that slaps me in the face here is how pale McG is. lol. Neither Alex nor McG spent much time in the sun before they shot the pilot…though it was late winter…so….nevermind. Anyway, he’s PALE is my point! 😉 Not all gloriously tan like I’m used to…but still, it’s S1 McG and hot, hot, hot!!!!

    what else can I say?? it’s a homerun today, Kim!

    • I’ve noticed the same with Cath recently! The 1st few episodes into season 3 she looked rather pale but now she has a nice tan which suits her 😉 ! I for myself look like a impersonified ghost because of that foggy-rain-foggy-snow-foggy-not-getting-spring-for-weeks ******** weather!

      • Buttercup, I too am a little bit ghostlike…because….well… I’m Scottish!

        Kim – this is just perfect, S1 Steve = instant happy place! Thank you xxx

  7. UGGH ARRG MMMMMMM>ET CETERA ETCETERA . Going for my favorite” husband is away ” gadget and a VERY cold shower. Oh manly magnificent Mc Garrett!!

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