H50 3.20 first promo #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth #JimmyBuffett

Not HD but here’s the promo that’s been released by CBS.

Thanks to BookEmDanno.net for making this video non-usa viewing friendly. 🙂


Click here:  Olelo Pa’a (The Promise)

Some of you may want to take a place on the floor, make your area a “safe” viewing area.


20 thoughts on “H50 3.20 first promo #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth #JimmyBuffett

  1. The knife is the BESTEST!! In love with knife throwing since the Aloha Girls epi. TY, Ess. If I had any panties left, I would throw them gratefully in your direction, alas, all have emmigrated a while ago. I’m doomed to spend the night up (I’m not going to fall asleep after this) and panties-less. Not that bad but I could think of even better ways. Like Aloha Girls Boot Camp X-rated. TMI.

    • I’ve had a fascination with his knife skills since episode 9 when he knifed that dude that was trying to kill Kono without making a sound. I think she wet her pants. (out of FEAR, y’all!!)

      • So do I ! The way his freakin’ awesome hands grab the knife from the back of his SEASON1 kevlar (including top-vein-porn moments) is so hot, back then I was watching it for hours! And Kono with that stern look on her face, priceless! Knife-porn, omg, I have to rewatch!
        He’s even taking a BTTF (is that correct bamf ? 😉 ) Makes him more cute !

  2. McG, of course, does not need an aphrodisiac. You know, with the big knife and all. *Happy* Thank you, ESS.

  3. I seriously hope, they will find a nice place in that NorthKorean jungle to, well you know, kiss a ittle bit and …! I guess with all the guns and knifes there won’t be any place for emotional stuff 😉 (But who knows, even Harm and Mac cuddled up in the middle of bombs raining down on them 😆 the sky is the limit!) Go McRoll, GO!

  4. Yeah I’ve blocked this night out in my diary so I don’t accidentally make plans….. I’m sorry friends/not McG. I can’t come out tonight…..I have things….to do…..

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