Fangirl Sunday – Wanna play doctor with #AlexOLoughlin ? Here’s your chance!

Then you’ll love what we have planned for the summer! Starting the week after H50 ends and I finish pic spam for the finale, we’ll start with a rewatch/recap of the 13 episodes of Alex’s last TV series, Three Rivers. Steph and I will be posting a recap each week and hopefully you will come along and join in the discussion.

Three Rivers, while it had it’s faults (name me a TV show that doesn’t), is a unique medical TV show in that it’s focus is on the lives that organ transplantation effects. Following the lives of the donor and the lives of the recipient each episode brings tragedy and hope, life through death.

It’s a bit “glossy” at times and tends to hit you over the head with it’s message….but it also tackles some very real and controversial subjects. The right to die, family opposition, time constraints and odd legalities of organ donation as well as the successes and failures of the procedures. If you want a fast paced medical drama, characters more interested in hooking up than the lives of the patients, then this drama is probably not for you but if you like a drama that gives you reason to think and maybe even renews a little bit of your faith in human life….you might just enjoy this a bit.

As an Alex fan, what I loved is the amount of real acting range it allowed Alex to go after. While Alex is awesome as our Steve McGarrett BAMF, I think we can all agree that some of his best acting is when he gets to bring life to those quiet, emotional moments.

If you’ve watched the series, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t…I’ve thrown together a little teaser for you. I hope you enjoy and that you’ll join us starting Sunday, June 2nd.

What you might recognize:

A few familiar faces.... SQUEEE!

A few familiar faces….

The compassion, the hugs and his amazing way with kids...

The compassion, the hugs and his amazing way with kids…

His faaaaces....

His faaaaces….

The eyesexing...

The eyesexing…

The eye candy...

The eye candy…

The emotions.... (x 10000%)

The emotions…. (x 10000%)

The bromance....seriously if you don't love Andy and Kuol together you have a rock for a heart.

The bromance….seriously if you don’t love Andy and Kuol together you have a rock for a heart.

What might be new to you…

More smiles and happiness...

More smiles and happiness…

Playing Doctor.... (this is science guy Steve on steroids)

Playing Doctor…. (this is science guy Steve on steroids)

One of the finest hours of TV ever made IMO. Controversial, well written and ACTED LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS!!

One of the finest hours of TV ever made IMO. Controversial, well written and ACTED LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS!!

..and did I mention he has the BEST hair????

..and did I mention he has the BEST hair????


47 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – Wanna play doctor with #AlexOLoughlin ? Here’s your chance!

  1. Playing doctors? Me! Me! For the record: I said it first. Now, really, yeah for the rewatch (my first watch) and I’m in 4ever till koala RL do us part!

  2. I’ve never seen Three Rivers. Not sure we can get it over here 😦
    So I’m really looking forward to this blog πŸ˜€

    • Where do you live Amanda? I live in England and imported the DVDs from πŸ™‚
      Wasn’t cheap but definitely worth it.

    • Amanda, if you don’t mind sharing where you are, I’m sure there is someone here who can help. πŸ™‚ A few of the girls couldn’t find it at first but were able to get it. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly, you can email me and I’ll reach out to a few people for you IF you’re interested. πŸ™‚ We got your six!!

  3. Watched it for the first time at the tail end of last year on your advice Ess (then Moonlight!), was not disappointed – looking forward to a rewatch – Five-0 will still be on here so I will have to force my to take a double dose of AOL, me thinks I’ll manage πŸ™‚

  4. Living in England I could only see Three River getting the DVDs from the US and I’m so happy I did πŸ™‚
    I loved it, could never understand how such a good show wasn’t successful.
    I agree with EES, Alex is great as McG action hero but his best acting comes from the emotional material, and boy there is plenty in Three Rivers.
    Plus I’ve always thought that as Andy he was looking at his BEST (getting really back close to that in Season 3 of Five-0).
    And the additional bonus of Daniel Henney si always welcome!

    • Manu, funny I don’t think S3 McG is anything like Dr. Andy. S1 McG was the closest IMO. Either way, love him any way he is…S1 & Dr. Andy will always be my fave I think. Well, until something new comes along. πŸ™‚

      Looks aside, yes Alex nailed every episode and he really gets to emo it up. Daniel Henney is like icing on the cake. πŸ™‚

      It was in what a lot of people call the “death” slot on TV. Sunday night at 10pm after football… it’s constantly pre-empted so if you set your recorder to tape, it constantly cut off the ending, or they would air it 3 hours later after the news was over. Most “new” TV shows in that timeslot die…it has to be a show that already has a built in audience that will go after it to survive. Also, CBS didn’t help by airing episodes out of order, so the timeline feels funky at times and besides Andy and Kuol they took too long to get us to care about the other main characters. They focused so much on the message of the show that they didn’t develop the characters quickly enough. I think that hurt them too.

  5. OH, I can’t wait for this to start. I loved, LOVED Three Rivers. And the one with Mandy Patinkin broke my heart and had me in tears. One of THE best hour of TV is right.

    Really looking forward to watching it again and the discussion. πŸ™‚

    • Sam
      My first true Love died from Als about 9.months before this episode airedII was a basket case watching it but am SO glad I did!! Alex and Mandy Patikin were both supberb in their parts and it was a great tribute to anybody suffering from or losing somebody they loved to this sad cruel disease.

      • Oh that’s so sad!! Mandy reminded me very much of my grandfather who was a parapalegic due to a stroke. I cried the ugly cry watching it. Normally that pisses me off because I hate crying at movies and TV shows because so often they use manipulative means to make it happen but this felt very real to me because of my own experience. I can only imagine how rough it was for you.

        I did love how this show highlighted several medical issues that weren’t well known or understood. It was terrific from that point of view.

  6. I can’t wait! I LOVE, love Three rivers and I can’t wait for your caps (will you do the pic spam, too?) There was so many great caps and great moments – your way of recapping will bring us more joy in the whole TV show… I just can’t wait!

    • It won’t be a traditional pic spam where they’re not plot related and mostly Andy centered. We will attempt to highlight the story and the message in each week’s recap as well as attempt to be somewhat informative. But we can throw in a few ‘interesting’ screencaps at the end for some fun. πŸ™‚

  7. Looking so forward to it! It was a great show and I loved it but it was stuck in an awful time slot on a Sunday night after football, so it very rarely aired on time and lost any viewers. It’ll help to pass those long, dark, dry days of repeats of H5-0!! I need my Steve fix!!

  8. There was some speculation that CBS killed TR because they reeeeeeallllly wanted Alex to play McG in their upcoming 5-0. This was further fueled by the fact that Peter Lenkov then hired the producer of TR, Carol Barbee, to work on 5-0. It didn’t hit home runs in the ratings, but it did as well as the current crop of Sunday shows are doing. It was, and is, a horrible time slot in the Fall, due to football, as Karen noted. So who knows? But I so agree with your synopsis, ESS. One of Alex’s best roles ever. He was given plenty of material to work with and he rocked it hard. They also totally got him. They lit and shot him beautifully. They gave him plenty of camera time, and lingering camera time, so that he could do those little things that he does to really bring a character to true, emotion-inducing life. McG, for all his awesome, is a little bit of a cartoon. Andy was REAL. I had a doctor like Andy once. Only once. Of course, by like Andy, I mean with his bedside manner. My guy was short, really hairy, and kinda wrinkled up. But other than that… πŸ˜€

    Really looking forward to the watch and chat! Thank you SO much for giving me an excuse to rewatch TR! *hearts*

    • “There was some speculation that CBS killed TR because they reeeeeeallllly wanted Alex to play McG in their upcoming 5-0.” – interesting! I have a hard time believing it because they killed it very quickly and had invested so much but who knows…

      “McG, for all his awesome, is a little bit of a cartoon. Andy was REAL. I had a doctor like Andy once. ” – <<— YES, THIS!!

      Last year the surgeon who took care of me had Andy's bedside manner. I just kept praying that I wouldn't call him Dr. Andy when I work up on the heavy drugs. πŸ™‚

      • Hee! I actually TOLD my guy that this tv doctor totally rocked the same awesome bedside manner. He asked about the show, had never heard of it of course, and now he wants to see it. I, uh, didn’t mention that Dr. Yablonski was light-years more attractive. My guy is clever. He’ll notice. πŸ˜‰

  9. Even though H50 is my favorite show because it’s more “fun” to watch, “Three Rivers” is close behind on my list of favorites. Great show with a very interesting topic and lots of great emotions. It repeatedly made me cry – like when Kuol finally gets his heart transplant – I agree that you must have a heart of stone if you’re not moved by scenes like these. And, yes, Alex does look super-cute as Dr. Andy so the show offers perfect eye candy for the fan girls.
    I’m pretty sure most of you already know that Alex has been supporting Donate Life and other organisations that create awareness of the importance of organ donations and support people in need of a transplant. If you want more information or if you want to join Alex and his fans in their support for organ donations and as organ donors, please view the pages below (links). Since April is “National Donate Life Month”, there are several events and campaigns that you can participate in:
    or view the first post on the news page of my fansite:

    • Thank you, Angie for highlighting Donate Life and Alex’s work. Some of that same info is at the top of the blog under “Alex supports”. The more we share with everyone the better. If it inspires one person to become a donor, then it’s worth it!

  10. I’ve just recently watched 3R in a rush! He’s cute and gorgeous as drAndy and I love his smiles and the emotions, and I’m looking Forward to rewatch (in slow Motion) πŸ˜† ! His looks are McG-like, the hair, the body and I love that (’cause McG flying to Hawaii in the pilot in the C17 was my first love πŸ˜‰ ) Thanks for the post and the upcoming reviews, I love to talk “HIS” stuff over with you all! It helps me digesting his Beauty πŸ˜† !

  11. I am so excited for this! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I’m about halfway done with another episode of screencaps, so something this week they’ll be ready. Did I mention that I’m EXCITED about this?

  12. can’t wait for this!! The episode with Mandy Patkinin should have been emmy worthy. Thanks for doing this now I have something to look forward too this summer.

  13. Great idea. I plan to go back crawling to Netflix after they angered me with the rate hike several years ago. I do miss watching series shows back to back. I have TiVo so it doesn’t support Hulu or I would go that route. Look forward to the continuation of discussions (meaning perving as I do). Thanks!

    • Last time I checked, Three Rivers was no longer on Netflix. I watched it on there initially but it isn’t available any more. You can get it on Amazon streaming video though.

  14. I’m very happy for you confirm that we will have a marathon fungirl sunday on the series Three Rivers this summer. We know it’s a series that brings a very important topic and special – organ donation, but for some people it is still difficult to accept. By bringing this matter to the television series, TR had and still has vital importance in spreading the message, in addition to have fun to watch Alex act unique and special way – the doctor who cares, loves and fights for her patients and always believes until the end in second chances.

    In my particular case the TR series is very special because organ donation is a very important issue since my teens and I awoke to the meaning of life, gains and losses, of second chances. So thank you Ess for doing this. Yes, i know that is for fun but we should never forget the message behind it.

    • the doctor who cares, loves and fights for his patients and always believes until the end in second chances.

    • ACA Marta!! ACA!!

      We will try to keep it fun and light as much as possible but won’t shy away from the message. I do love how the show, though I think too glossy at times, really did try to show both sides of the issue. I learned so much watching this show!

  15. Started rewatching on my own last week. But I’m sure I can force myself to start over once June comes. BTW, if you’re starting June 2nd, when is the H50 season finale? May 27? The 20th? Looking forward to comments from all the new watchers. Thanks in advance, ESS & Steph.

    • I’m sure you can force yourself. πŸ™‚

      May 20th is the season finale so the finale pic spam will be May 26th. With no new episode on May 27th (sad face), we’ll start 3R on the following Sunday, June 2nd.

  16. YES!! I’m in πŸ™‚ Lookin forward to the rewatch/recap. I love Dr Andy. Watched Three Rivers the first time a few weeks ago. And I loved it. Not the way I love H50. Or Moonlight. πŸ˜‰ Thank You ESS for makin me watch it. xoxoxo

  17. Need to stock up on tissues. I am a crier, so I don’t watch TR over and over like I do H5O and ML. I enjoy all the White Hot Wednesdays , so I can get my Dr Andy fix. Some I definitely enjoy more than others! πŸ˜‰ Subtlety isn’t my strong suit when it comes to commenting about his ridiculously gorgeous face. πŸ˜€

    • “Subtlety isn’t my strong suit when it comes to commenting about his ridiculously gorgeous face” – WHAT????!?!!? Did you all know this and no one told me?? πŸ˜‰

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