White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin

Sometimes I can’t deal with his face. I wish he would just put it away.

I have someplace he could put it.



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  1. You’re wednesday posts actually made me watch that medical drama serie (I CAN’T BELIEVE IT) and I’m with episode 4 by now! I love his face, he smiles a lot more as drAndy than as SealMcG! I just miss the gun and the action and the CARGOS πŸ˜† and tha bamf-face πŸ˜‰ !

    • correct, there is NO BAMF in Dr. Andy…except when he fights for his patients…and it’s a beautiful thing. I love that this series really let Alex act the shit out of a scene. He was so beautiful and moving as Dr. Andy. ALL THE FEEELSS!!

      The show was a bit uneven and it took too long to get into the characters IMO but it’s a good show. Peter Lenkov has been quoted several times as saying Alex was miscast in this show, that he wasn’t a good doctor. Well…I will hold the words that I want to say to him because they shouldn’t be published or said in polite company.

      • Thank You Ess That really needed to be said. alex was amazing . so beautiful and totally believable asDr Andy Yablonsky and he did such wonderful things for Donate Life as himself. BIG hug for you

  2. We all would gladly provide a place for daaat faaace, I guess. Mahalo, Ess! BTW, I still couldn’t make myself watch this series, I suspect it’s boring and sentimental (while I’m cynical, huh).

    • Boring is debatable. It is very sentimental. It’s slower than some shows but the angle it comes at it I think is interesting. But then I work in medical and we have a transplant team so it’s kind of close to home for me. No need to watch it if you don’t think it’s your style of TV, I’ll just say you’re missing some primo Alex though. πŸ˜‰

      • Well, OK, so after reading all the comments here, you got me officially hooked and I’ll seriously consider giving TR a try! That is, when I’m fed up with H50 rewatches. My thing is the BAMF feature, tho admittably this feature would not be a good idea on a surgeon… BTW, my Not McG is a debt collector, so based on this home environment, I can’t help being unsentimental – not my fault at all πŸ˜‰

        • haha! True!! and they do overplay the sentimental a few times IMO…. so it may not be your thing then but it shows a side of Alex that we’ve so far only gotten a glimpse of.

          Well we’re doing a rewatch this summer after H50 ends…maybe you’ll try a few episodes with us.

          • Absolutely, I’m in!! The action mood on H50 is doing things to my panties, so maybe I should try some TR feeelings to see if this works for my ovaries for a change. *considers* I can’t believe I’m discussing underwear and internal organs online. Ugh.

          • I’m with episode 6 now and I fairly like it! The scene with Lisa on the roof top was nice (could have been hotter πŸ˜‰ like, err, you know)! What I really like is how they show his gorgeous hands and his close up face all the time, he even puts his hands on his hips the way Steve does it, funny somehow! For me, as a H5O girlie, it’s like McG playing dr. Andy! And what a freaky wife he has, just leave’s him, omg, I would wipe and clean floors in the hospital just to be near him!

            • I love that this has entered into a discussion of Three Rivers because I love to talk about that show…but can I just throw it out there to please refrain from giving away too many plot points for those that haven’t watched it all yet and those that may be waiting until the summer watch/discussion? thanks!! ❀

            • Or better yet, if you want to talk plot points, just say

              ***SPOILER ALERT**** so that those people can stay clear of those comments. That’s probably the best way. I don’t want you to not talk about it if you’re in the mood. Sorry…i didn’t think of that earlier. #braincramp lol

              • That’s fine with me! But can I say something about his cloths? **Spoiler alert** I was a little bit concerned about him walking around with that loose flattery white doctor “raincoat” (where you couldn’t see any muscles) but in epi9 they’ve put him in BLUE, yes, yes yes, blue-all-over-fitting-thightly-smurfy-cotton, hilarious, really, I’m going crazy, so freakin’ smexy πŸ˜† !

                • Episode 9 is just one of the many reasons this show was doomed from the beginning by CBS. It was the original pilot. That is, the pilot after they completely recast the show except for Alex. That’s why they dress different, their hair is different and the entire hospital is different. yeah…no one will notice details like that… lol!

                  • Aha, that’s why the Miranda character has shorter hair as well! These are just the things we look out for, huh, little differences with Alex, we are good detectives, we see them all πŸ˜‰ (let’s all get a badge and join 5O)! So I won’t see all-over-blue-Steve in thight cotton again in #10?

            • This sounds very tempting!! Looking forward to seeing it now!! I’m not much of a plot person (cause I’m as simple as that), so you didn’t spoil anything for me, quite the contrary πŸ˜‰ And yeah, I guess I won’t help thinking that Dr Andy is McG. Funny how the first role you see an actor in gets stuck in your mind.

  3. Sigh. I will always miss Dr. Andy. His voice, his face, his snark, his quiet dignity. The way they lit him and let the camera linger…. *love*

  4. I was fully prepared to say something naughty about all the places I’d like him to put his face…then I read gracenotpark’s comment.
    GNP…you described our Dr. Andy perfectly!
    LOVE >>>>”the way they lit him and let the camera linger”….so true…TR..knew what they had and they showcased him!

    • Haha! Couldn’t compete with the “Dignity” part? LOL!

      Ahh… my life – so conflicted! Loving his looks, but respecting his talent more!

  5. Dr Andy is the prettiest of all his characters. The show is heart wrenching. Alex is so convincing as a surgeon and his bedside manner is heart warming…well it warms more than my heart πŸ˜‰ Ok, I tried to fight off the naughtiness, but just couldn’t resist saying how yummy he looks. I am imagining licking his luscious lips and tasting his delicious mouth. My tongue tingling as it dips into the dimple of his chin and savors the stubble on his chiseled jawline. Nibbling, licking and sucking at his scrumptious neck with teeth and tongue in a perfect tango. He looks good enough to eat. Speaking of eating….the matter of where he should put his face comes to mind. #yeahisaidittoo πŸ˜›

  6. LOL! Totally laughing at y’all’s comments! Don’t let my notation about his dignity ruin your swooning, ladies. Dr. Andy was also sexy as all get-out. His voice was way sexy in this show! He played a man soooo in control. And yes, ESS!!!!! PLenkov has no clue how wrong he is about Alex as a doctor! Perhaps during our summer rewatch, we should all tweet him how awesome Alex played the part… and how awesome Carol Barbee lit and lingered upon that faaaaace!

    • LaHagela, was it you and me that tweeted him last fall when we found out Daniel Henney was going to be on show and you tweeted him brilliant smart @ss comment about what he said….ugh! I can’t remember now! Do you remember??

  7. I had a vague recollection….just went back and found it, it was from when they announced PL’s new medical pilot got picked up…..so I jabbed him about casting:
    @HeyD50 I hope the male lead actor/dr. is better then just “ok” >>>>>> @plenkov #DoctorAndy ;-P

  8. When I look at Dr. Andy have a set of atypical symptoms such as staring, hot flashes, strong heartbeat and incongruent speech or even unable to speak. He still could not diagnose my illness, but you know who causes, right?

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