More teaser pics from 3.20 editing #h50 #alexoloughlin #michelleborth

Can you handle more teaser pics from 3.20?

Tell me to stop and I will

(no I won’t…)

S3E20 McRoll editing

S3E20 editing

S3E20 Cath editing

Pic credits to Peter Lenkov twitter


14 thoughts on “More teaser pics from 3.20 editing #h50 #alexoloughlin #michelleborth

  1. Oh my god…that salute…their faces….so many feels!!! 12 more sleeps…the wait is gonna be excruciating!!!

    • OOoh i didn’t see the person still in the plane! hmmm could be Steve and Cath…maybe that’s how they get into NK? Then again, they showed Steve and his old Navy buddy sitting in a plane getting ready to jump so probably that’s him and square jaw blondie (sorry I forget his name) jumping out. Sorry if that crushes your dream. O.o 😦

  2. Wow, Cath is beautiful here!! *cough* guess poor Cath is something of a scooter in the pic, but she looks so natural with the big gun! (I do mean a gun here, the shooting kind 🙂 )

    Also, dear Atplenkov, you’re a teasing teaser who teases. Dear Ess, ditto. And I ❤ you for it!

  3. HUBBA HUBBA! Our Super Seal in his BDUs! My ex NotMcG used to wear them for the Army and I pretty much wanted to tear them off of him whenever he put them on. This surprises no one, I’m sure 😉 I’m giddy with anticipation 😀

  4. I was crushed when this episode didn’t air this past Monday. It’s such torture waiting for this! I have to say again that you are the best and show the most current photos. Thank you, thank you!!

    • You’re so welcome, love!! I’ll share that thanks will my co-editors and all my friends here who email me, DM me and text me when a new pic comes out so I don’t miss sharing with everyone! It’s a group effort!!

  5. ESS You are DA WOMAN. Thank you Sweetheart for these amazing pictures!!My tongue is on the floor and waiting for this episode is going to be Painful. How GORGEOUS Steve and Cath look !!Hope we get at LEAST a kiss between them..

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