Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin

This is a great old promo shot for the original pilot. As much as I had a love/hate relatinship with Mick’s hair, when you see pics like this, you really see that it was an integral piece to the character.  Alex looked too young to be Mick without it.

All that said, this pic is all about the hands….


Thanks to @mymaximus for this cool find.

17 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin

    • I’ve seen it. Its sooooo awful!, lol. The changes that they made were so good. I can’t believe a network saw that and said, “yes, I think this will work”. Alex was the only good thing in that pilot. ….and this is now where you tell me you loved it and I just offended you? Lol eek! Apologies to anyone who loved it. I just thought it was bad.

      • ESS Darling. It was SO Nasty!! I watch it Only for “BABY MICK” that is why i saved it. I,m so glad they got rid of everybody else. They were all either bland boring ugly or talentless Sometimes all these things !!!I hope you were joking about my taste in pilots LOL!!!! INTERESTING is the only word I could come up with without being VERY rude to the original cast.
        Oh but isn’t “Baby Mick” worth staring at ??? S&T !!!

        • I gotcha!! I didn’t THINK you would like the pilot…but you never know. 😉 So I was trying to be nice….after I called it awful. lol! Really, it was so, so bad. So laughable. The cast was the worst!!! How many people can you shove into a cast that has zero chemistry and personality? They were trying! lol. The cast they went with was so much better. I mean, they have to be the only people in history that Alex didn’t have chemistry with!

          • I agree ladies…that pilot was AWFUL…and all those actors had ZERO chemistry with Alex and ZERO on-screen charisma… period. It is surprising that CBS was willing to revamp (#nopunintended) that show. I guess it’s a testament to how good Alex was and how hard he fought for ML.

  1. The pilot was awful, but Alex had the same pheromones he has now, so I totes see why they greenlit the Show. And the same hands. *sigh*

  2. Thank You ESS!!! I was soooo lookin forward to Monday. *rotfl* Monday wasn’t one of my fave days here…but things had changed 😉 XOXOXO

    • You can find it on youtube. Here are the links. This is the original pilot they send to studios. It’s shorter than a pilot that would air on TV.

      Part 1
      Part 2

      Also, it was originally shopped around as Twilight but had to be changed to Moonlight because of “those” movies that were in production at the time.

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