Cute bts pics of #AlexOLoughlin & George

Don’t look Dusty!! But Alex was cheating on you with Kacy’s dog, George.

2013 March Denise Stempien

2013 March Denise Stempien 2

Pic credits to Denise Stempien


23 thoughts on “Cute bts pics of #AlexOLoughlin & George

  1. LOL I was thinking that when i saw the pic, Alex babe you’re looking for trouble, if Dusty sees this pic she’ll be sooo jelous 🙂
    Actually I’m jelous, i want him to hug ME like THAT!
    Thank you for the pic, cuteness in the morning makes me happy

    • Lol exactly! Me next!! me next!!

      I was thinking about how affectionate and loving he is not only with people, but the man can’t stop hugging on other people’s dogs too! stupid FLR.

      • ^ What you say. ^ Definitely. Do I need to approach a therapeutist about my wish to be a dog? I mean, this dog, in particular. TY v v much for sharing!!

  2. Yeah, checking out the pics. I”m thinking the dog’s a scooter. Cuz, jeez. Is there a fainting smiley?

  3. Ok, i need and want a hug like that from Alex. Fans, babies, children and dogs who cross with him are very lucky.

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