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19 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday #AlexOloughlin #ScottCaan #DanielDaeKim #H50

  1. Is that the episode where Kono gets taken hostage? I will have to rewatch, ’cause I have to check out that teeshirt of Steve without kevlar 😆 ! Chin’s a great bamf too and can you believe Danny is still wearing those shirts after 3 seasons of Hawaii 😉 ! Happy Easter to all my Steve-crush-friends!

  2. Woo hoo!! Sexiness x3!! As always, Steve shines, Chin’s very fine and so’s Danny!! Buttercup, funny but I agree! Danny definitely needs a wardrobe re-do! Happy Easter ladies!!

  3. Yes, sometimes “it’s not really about the kevlar”. I love it when several (or all) team members manage it into one pic. Cute 🙂

    And yes, Danno should try something else to wear, I was quite struck how good he looks in a simple tee, as in the last epi.

    Oh, and BTW, Kim’s killing it with the posts this week, thx and happy Easter to all!

    • ACA it’s fun when the whole group or several of them are in the shot with Alex and it’s clear. Most of the time when I get them all together, someone is in motion so it’s blurry. lol. Makes it more fun when we finally get a good, clear cap of them.

      Kim killed it this week! The bar is set high for me coming up! You all have made it so much fun with your comments as well. I’ve been giggling all week! Love you guys!

  4. Great Epi, Great Pic, Great Kim 😉 whooooot??? McG with no blue shirt?? You’re killin me LOL Danny wouldn’t be danny without his shirts. :p No, seriously, the wardrobe needs to change… Happy Easter!!!

  5. The ep where Steve goes all BAMF and his shirt gets torn to shreds. Kind of like in my dreams, but his pants would be torn to shreds also. 😉 Kim, very nice pic of our three handsome fellas. Alex is looking very pretty here. I always love his profile. Once again, Danny is blocking our full view of his incredible a$$! I must admit, Danny looks pretty nice in a t shirt if they decide to change it up now and then. Although, he will NEVER catch up to Steve’s HOTNESS! IMO 😛

    • Ahh, that’s why I couldn’t remember the teeshirt ’cause it was torn to shreds 😉 (I will have to rewatch tonight ! ) I like it when they put Danno in the foreground, he then looks taller!

    • lurxgirl, I too noticed that Danny’s hand was blocking our view of dat ass for the 1,234th time! lol.

      This episode….the first McG/Indiana Jones moment. **love**

    • I kind of liked that brown-greyish teeshirt he’s wearing, it’s a shame it got torn to shreds, I would have loved him wearing it again 😉 as a change for the blue (for all the non-blue-teeshirt-kinda-pervs here) 😆 !!

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