Egan Inoue posts another training pic with #AlexOLoughlin

You guys are familiar with Egan, former MMA World Champion and trainer for Alex and Scott. According to his FaceBook Page he’ll be posting video later. When I see it posted, I’ll post here as well for all my non-social media followers.

2013 March 30 EganInoue

*Thanks to @HeyD50 for the heads up!

18 thoughts on “Egan Inoue posts another training pic with #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Oh how I’d love to put him in that hold! 😉 I’m glad I was lying down before I saw this. I’m going to have such nice, by that I mean naughty, dreams tonight. YAY! Thanks for the pic ESS!

    • I have no idea about the bandaids! I totally missed that. Huh. I think I’ve seen it before, though….anyone have any idea why they’re used? Besides the obvioius “to protect the fingers”. lol.

  2. I was laid out on my back all weekend…sick with a nasty cold….so haven’t had the energy to check out all the pretty until now. And what do I see….Alex laid out flat on his back….suddenly, I’m feeling a whole lot better! Apparently getting all hot and bothered cures the common cold!!

  3. We have confirmation that Alex got a haircut for episode 3.20. Thank Ess and if you have access can you put the video for us to watch, please? Just to analyze the combat “technique” of Alex.

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