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Happy Friday!

FFF 3-29


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  1. Great choice, Kimmer! One of my favorites. His smile sets the tone for the whole day. Thanks.

  2. Once again, that faaaaaaaaaaace! Kono was on the receiving end of that look, if my memory serves me correctly. I swear, if he looked at ME like that, I’d just dissolve into a puddle.

  3. I know a lot of people didn’t like this episode when it aired but I loved the way McG took a strong leadership role in the case and the ending, when the parents were relieved to have their kids back, was really nice. And it was certainly worth watching for THAT look at the end. Sigh….

    • People didn’t like this episode? I don’t remember it as one I didn’t like but some of S1 is hazy to me lol.

      Steve McGarrett is a leader. Leaders have to make the hard decisions. Sometimes they’re right and sometimes they’re wrong. Often they’re unpopular. But having the balls to make them regardless of the possible outcome is one sign of a great leader.

      • I think it may have had something to do with Nick and Vanessa :).

        No matter what, this episode contained one of the best McG crazy moments for me, when he uses a grenade to get the pawn shop owner to open the door. The comic timing is brilliant and Alex’s faaaaaace is a classic in that scene.

        I loved McG from the get go and never found him unlikeable. I thought being friends with Danny and being part of the team helped show him what ohana means and this was developed nicely in S1. We had an idea quite early on that he was a big softie, too :),

    • I guess I liked this epi precisely for the reason why some disliked it: cause things went wrong and the kid was killed. I don’t condone violence but I like it when Show attempts to be realistic. And this turn of events seemed realistic enough. Not quite “the day when the H50s were just like us” but finally someone messed up.

      • You make a good point, Marnov, about Show trying to be more realistic and not neatly tying up the case. As heartbreaking as it was to have a family lose their child, it showed the severity of the situation. It also showed that the parents and the team needed to trust McG on this one because (I think am remembering correctly here) he said he’d handled similar situations before. I think that’s what I liked about his leadership in this episode – that we were shown we needed to trust him because of his past experiences. To me, that’s part of what makes a good leader, establishing trust from knowledge and experience.

        • I think when he was referring to having been in that situation before, he was mostly talking about his own experience with his father being killed.

          • Yes, agreed, he does talk about his father but he also says he has previously handled many kidnapping situations personally. I think he also says something about understanding his father’s kidnapping from prior experience. I figured he had been involved in (high level, I guess) kidnapping situations as a SEAL. It must have been hard for him, knowing how his father’s situation turned out and I think he was doubly determined to make sure there was a good outcome in this particular case. I loved the way he figured out what Susan was up to and played it through to the end to rescue the kids and catch the whole gang.

        • Hey, I hear the Show isn’t real (WTF?), so I guess it’s ok not to mourn the death of a child. Specially when it comes with the rare emo Steve bonus.

  4. They say a picture paints a thousand words, but this reflects ALL my feels! So beautiful, a perfect start to my day off! Xxx

  5. Oh I loved this ep, and this shot, because it seemed the camera crew and directors were finally getting Alex. He’s so subtle, so real, rather than histrionic, with his acting. They kept cutting away from him in the early eps, just as he was doing something awesome, and FINALLY in this one they caught it, and featured it! They still cut away and miss some stuff, which his previous 2 shows had done much better btw, but they are better than they were, and this shot gave me hope.

    • I absolutely agree… I always think that this is when Alex started to really “get” McG fleshed out. This scene kicked me in my FEELS when it aired. McG was sooo relieved and just sat back, watching the result of their good work. Alex killed it.

    • ^ ACA ^ So true, thank you for putting my thoughts into coherent words!! A shame McG doesn’t get to smile too much. Clearly smiling is supposed to be a nooo nooo for Super Seals.

    • GNP, have I told you lately how much I love you? Lol. You said it perfectly. For a large part of S1 I felt that something was off about McG. That can easily be interpreted as the fault of the actor but looking past the surface I can easily now see that it was largely the writing and the editing. Maybe some of it was he wasnt quite comfortable in McG’s shoes yet. Thats understandable. he has said that Steve really is a stretch for him. Add to that they kept stopping Alex before he hit the right notes for McG. They did a disservice to him and to the character. When they finally let him open the char up and do what Alex does best (yes, even better than the BAMF stuff IMO) then the show all around improved because the lead character became more likeable and Steve started to become the Steve we all love. Really they wrote him fairly unlikeable in the early episodes, I’ve always said they were damn lucky to have cast Alex who saved this character in spite of the way they wrote/directed him.

      • You’re both so right in describing early McG. But even though he was very bristly, his goodness showed through. His first act of kindness, when he gave Danny the weekend at the Hilton w/Gracie after glimpsing Danny’s living arrangements. That was just a small example of what was to come. I’m very happy they softened him just a bit and let his incredible range off emotions and acting ability shine through. Lucky, lucky us!!

        • Absolutely agree they they gave us glimpses. They just got lost in all the other stuff to me. Looking back its easier to see than when it was live at the time. At least for me.

      • I loved that episode very much! I can still hear him scream “NO, no, no!!” when he and Danny found the dead teenage-boy at the beach! He was so much reminded of his Dad’s kidnapping! And this very gorgeous face he gives Kono in the end, very well acted, all of the crew! I like it, when Steve and Kono have their “moments” 😉
        And for the perv part: look at his hands and those knuckles, just unbelievable … whatever (can’t find a proper adjective ! )

      • I always give shows a few episodes, some times if I’m patient, an entire season, to work these kind of things out. Luckily h50 had me from the get go so it didn’t have to earn my love over weeks and weeks. 🙂

        • ACA Grace, very few shows get it right at the very start. If they’re fully fleshed out right away, where do they have to grow? McG has proven to be interesting because he’s stayed interesting by constantly evolving. Even though I felt show was off at the beginning and one character annoyed me to no end, there was still something that kept me tuning in every week. Thankfully so!

  6. His smiling eyes are so dreamy. Hunnybee, I think I’d be a puddle of goo too if he smiled at me like that. He’s just so adorable and sweet in this pic. I want to say something about that huge gorgeous hand, but since it’s a holy day, maybe I should behave. Great choice, Kim!

  7. Thank YOU all!!! I know that pic, but wasn’t sure about the which episode. I like the episode. Maybe because S1 is still my fave season. Not sure why. I totally love his smile. That’s the reason for my sunday smile 😉 Thx for that Pic Kim!!!!

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