White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin by @Kimphin1

Whatever he is saying, I guarantee it’s the kind of Dr.’s Orders I could follow…..


An apple a day keeps the Dr. away.
I’ve always hated apples.

25 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin by @Kimphin1

  1. Oh how I love WHW for giving me my Dr. Andy fix!!! I would do anything he ordered me to do….A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
    Hopefully orders are somewhere along the lines of …remove clothes…lie down…open wide and say OH MY!!!

  2. I have only watched a few parts of this show, but I can already vote: “he’s my McDreamy!” without a doubt 😉

  3. I am loving his shirt. It looks so soft I want to rub my hands all over it. 🙂 I might even like him to keep it on. The shirt hanging unbuttoned, skin against skin, while I feel that smooth silky fabric across his back. Hope it’s not dry clean only. 😉 It’s a bitch to get “stains” out of silk.

  4. Kim, you know that Dr. Andy Kim is worried about us because of the waiting time until April 15. He is saying that we need an appointment with him at least twice a week to monitor the pulse and blood pressure since the values ​​are all uncontrolled since our viewing of photos from episode 3.20.

  5. Kim, you are awesome “An apple a day keeps the Dr. away. I’ve always hated apples.” I like apples and always hated Docs. 😉 But this was before I started watchin Three Rivers a few days ago 🙂

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