Official promos for #H50 3.20 *warning*warning*warning* #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

Someone help me!! I have a these FEEEEEELS and I don’t know what to so with them?!?!!!!!

Ass’t Editor Kimmer here… ^^^Ess is off trying to figure out what to do with her FEEEEEEELS, so I am stepping in to post the promo pics for 3.20 – which, IMO looks to be EPIC!!!! Enjoy!

All pics courtesy of CBS


32 thoughts on “Official promos for #H50 3.20 *warning*warning*warning* #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

  1. Oh my!! Is. It. April. 15. Yet ? Between these pics and a very sad tv commercial about a young boy who died, I’m crying. This is going to be epic.

  2. Kimmmmm!!! thanks for loading the pics for me! I know it was horrible of me to ask you to look at these… I’m so sorry… You are a v v good friend. 🙂

  3. Uhh, thank you for sharing. Maybe I’m not actually thankful cause you just ruined any chance of me getting any work done in the upcoming month. I’m sick to see more. I’m glad for the thud warning, though, at least I knew to plant my poor ass on the floor before clicking. *emo hughsies to all fellow sufferers*

  4. Ess, Kim, I really need your help. Please send me Dr. Andy because these photos are making my heart beating very faster.
    Sincerely i think this episode will be awesome and the waiting time will kill me. Breathe Marta, control yourself and be sure that Ess and Kim are at your side sharing this whirlwind of emotions!!!

    • You should have seen me getting my pedicure and looking at these and squeeing over them. When I got done and had to put my phone up for my manicure, my phone was beeping or buzzing literally every 15 seconds or so. LITERALLY!! He was like, “um….do you need to get that??” Bwahahahaha! YES YES I DO!!! But I refrained…. lol. What shit timing I had yesterday. Ugh. And I had just looked for these like 5 minutes before they were released. BOO!!

  5. *thud* Kim!!!! ESS!!! I LOVE YOU!!! BOTH!!! Mahalo Nui Loa for those pics!!! I want April 15th NOW!!!! OMcG!!!! Camo, Dress Blues, SEALs… I’m dead. Where’s Grace?? She’s alive?? Ladies, we have to be really strong til we gonna see that Ep finally. s!zZ, breathe in…relax…breathe out… Doesn’t work.

    • I WAS WAITING ON YOU!!! First thought… S!zZ is gonna freak out!! Ok, maybe it was the second or third thought…honestly I have no idea what I was thinking at all except SBJ&TO!!! haha.

      • You are sooo right sweetheart!!! 🙂 My hearts beatin really fast when I look at these pics. I don’t wanna wait til April 15th… FUCK. sorry. *blush* I WANT THIS NOW!!!

    • I’m here. But I somewhat stupi/ly decided to look at these before I went to bed. WHAT A STUP!D idea that was! Lol. Where to start, ok the obvious place. Uniform McG. Squee! Camo Steve! Squee!! Cath and Steve on a mission. SQUEE. Steve at his dead friends funeral with his daughter. Show is trying to end me. Joe White! Backstory!!!!! Character development!!! SQUEE!

      April 15th is so far away. Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyssss???

      I viewed all these pics and comments while lying on my bed. So no harm came to me whilst (over reacting?) to these pics. 🙂

      Thanks for hooking us up!

      • *happy dance* You’re alive!!!! 🙂 Itz not a stupid idea to look at those pics before goin to bed 😉 I’m sure you had a great night with nice dreams 😉 I still think itz funny, that I think of you when I see McG in SEALs action. Or Camo. Or Dress Blues. 🙂 xoxo

  6. Glad I am sat back on the sofa…the floor might have seen me again. Can’t wait to see this episode. Alex oh my word…!!!!

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